‘You Have Become A Public Nuisance’- Thespy CEO Nails Teddy Bugingo

‘You Have Become A Public Nuisance’- Thespy CEO Nails Teddy Bugingo

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Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

By Micheal Atwakiire

Kampala: Andrew Irumba Katusabe, Thespy Uganda Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has nailed Teddy Bugingo Naluswa, the estranged wife of famous city pastor Aloysius Bugingo, by alleging that she has become a public nuisance, instead of the mother figure she was.

Writing on his Facebook account known as Andrew Irumba Live under his popular tag ‘I Speak What Others Fear!’, Irumba blasted Naluswa by stating thus;”Dear Teddy Bugingo, please please, you’re now becoming A PUBLIC NUISANCE! Please, all your fellow women and your [lawyers], if any, still advising you to keep updating the whole world on your current standoff between you and your former husband, it’s about that time you stopped ‘smoking’ their cigarettes and lit yours,if you want to enjoy the smoke.
I say STOP disguising as someone who is too badly off that you even reach out to childless speaker Kadaga (if you know how much she prays to God to enable her have her own children up to this age) and youth Minister Nakiwala Kiyingi, as if they partake of your weekly shs800,000/- upkeep from a very ‘selfish and bad man’ to look after you, the beautiful ‘angel’!”

He advised her to stop pretending as if she is in miserable situation yet the life she lives in, millions of women dream about it plus stopping calling media houses up to her bedroom for every time.

“At first I sympathized with you for the situation you were going through, although I failed to blame Ps.Bugingo because no one knows the truth between you apart from you two. But I appreciated him, for he chose peace than murder on either sides. You made your point at first, solutions were made,now you’re inviting media up to your bedroom everytime for what?? Okay,what do you want the media to do for you that they’ve not done??
Through the media, you’ve shown the world how you’re living a ‘poor’ life with two posh cars in the parking with a weekly fueling cost of 400,000/-, the storeyed Mansion with enough ambiance most Kampala women only dream about, huge monthly upkeeps 3.2m, guaranteed security backed up with CCTV system, water and power bills you can enjoy with your future husband etc, all courtesy of a very ‘bad man!
This life you’re argonizing in,most Kampala women only dream about it,but you’re ‘suffering’ with it indeed!
You’re right in your own way, because you found yourself in it anyway,” Irumba said.

More so Irumba said that there are many women whose lives are harder than hers but that they have persisted to cater for their families and that no one has ever petitioned government officials although they know the roads to their big offices , “but do you know that there is a woman just like you in town with six children, their father abandoned them together with their mother in a rented house and that woman knows the road to Speaker Kadaga and minister Nakiwala Kiyingi but she chose to stop argonizing and instead cater for her family??! ,My mother sold egg plants and Bushera by the roadside to look after me after the death of my father on 30th June 1994, have you reached that level yet?, Cut the Crap.
Now when such a woman looks at you on TV in her rented room, she only sees the opposite of what you want her to believe. You have one child is in UK,another at MUK and the other in Nursery. Bugingo left your home years back,but he has been paying their fees, would you mind telling us why just now you think he has failed to deliver on a journey he has been enjoying doing without coming to cameras?!” Irumba said

Irumba told Teddy that before she opens her lip-sticked mouth, she should first filter her words and analyse the people around her. “Let me tell you something,every time you open up your lip-sticked mouth to speak, people like me don’t just take what you’re talking,we analyze, we read your body language, we read your intentions,we also look at the moral aspects, etc.
Your last night interview has actually exhonorated the man of God,it simply confirms that he is SAFER now from DANGER!
Every lawyer gets poorer when there is no conflict,no journalist will enjoy his desk where there is no controversy to write about, most friends will want you to look funny,like you already look, but will disguise, did you know that??! get out of media,Idiotism ” Irumba said.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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