You’re Pigs,Idiots-Museveni To LDUs Beating Up People In Their Homes To ‘Enforce’ Curfew

You’re Pigs,Idiots-Museveni To LDUs Beating Up People In Their Homes To ‘Enforce’ Curfew an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Toug- talking Uganda’s President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on Friday warned Local defence Units (LDUs) who enter into people’s homes and masquerade to be enforcing his directives during curfew hours yet it’s illegal.

President Museveni, who termed them as ‘pigs’, said they should stop interpreting his directives in ‘a kiyaaye’ way for their own selfish reasons. “These are pigs,idiots. I have activated my Col.Nakalema here to arrest them, they will see,” he said in a bitter tone.

Social media was Thursday awash with clips of LDUs in Mbarara areas beating up men, women and a dog they found resting on a verandah at night, catching a cool breath. This has since incensed the President.

Meanwhile, during the same address on Friday, he also revealed that the number of confirmed Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases had risen from 45 to 48, after  ministry of health recorded three more new cases on Friday.

“Today we tested 419, only three were positive. They were mainly returnees and they were in quarantine. The two came from Dubai and one from USA. The total is now 48.”

He noted that the 48 confirmed cases are mainly returnees from the UK, Dubai and other category One countries. There are few locals, for instance, the man from Masaka and the infant of Iganga whose father had a travel history from Kenya’

Commenting about the Stay Home Directives, Museveni also noted thus; “I think I was misunderstood when I said people should stay home. I did not mean you should be confined indoors. You are allowed to enjoy your compound if it’s hot or even go to the latrine outside. Besides most of our homes don’t have toilets inside.

The other day I was very happy to see the women sleeping in the market near their merchandise responding to my advice not to go home.”

He added that “We don’t want to make your life difficult, but this is a matter of life and death. Today over 500 people died in New York – in just one day. We are not talking about convenience, we are talking about survival. I wouldn’t bother you so much if it was about convenience.

People are talking about convenience, this is war. It is not about convenience anymore, it is survival. A big struggle is upon us, lives will change, some sectors will definitely get a setback, but this is doable and we shall defeat #COVID-19. We are not talking about convenience. This is survival so I cannot deceive you and let you die when I see a very big danger.”

He also cautioned Ugandans to keep away from people with colds and those with colds to stay at home. “Don’t be near anybody who is sneezing or coughing. Stay at home and separate yourself from other members of the family if you’re sneezing or coughing. Report to health individuals to ascertain if your cough is the normal one or not.”

About preventing the spread of Coronavirus at the Workplace, he said that; “Clean the surfaces of the offices which are still open. Cleaners should be given sanitizers to clean door handles, tables every after 6 hours. This virus is actually very weak. Soap alone kills it, the same way soap cleans the sweat and oils from our bodies. The virus isn’t such a big issue; the problem is people don’t listen. They take things for granted. I know we can stop it here because our lifestyle is different.”

He warned Ugandans to frequently wash their hands saying that “If you don’t wash your hands, don’t touch your face. For me, I use a left hand for myself and the right one for the republic and international. Good thing is that the virus does not enter the body through other parts. It is only through those soft parts in the face. You can imagine Ebola has since become a Sexually Transmitted Disease. It is a venerable disease, But thank God this virus is not venerable.”

He also revealed that; “I think Europe and Asia had problems because of the way they live. I’m very suspicious that the big trains they use have internal air conditioning which has played a big role in spreading the virus. Our lifestyle is totally different therefore we can fight it- President

 We had to do it in a hurry because of the panic. If we warn you then everyone rushes to their village so we end up spreading the disease. I may apologise but not so much because it was the only way. In this hurry, there has been lack of coordination.

About security personnel blocking medical officers from driving their private cars to hospital, Museveni said that “Security stopped essential people like doctors who did not have stickers. I want you to understand that all these inconveniences are nothing compared to the bigger problem if this virus spreads in the population. We fighters know this. Health workers’ cars should get stickers and not be interfered with. The problem was in the execution because of the nature of how we started. This will be sorted.”

He also barred masqueraders from involving themselves in the fight against COVID19. Museveni said; “Don’t say I am a crime preventer, I now take up role of searching this place. Self-deployment must stop. Some LDUs are misbehaving by entering people’s houses. With Curfew, you are looking for people outside not inside houses. I have talked to Nakalema. Don’t allow them to enter and ring her. You shall see what we will do to them. Those are pigs!

If anyone disturbs you saying they want you to enter your house, don’t allow them. Those are just pigs. They do not understand things of value. We are going to deal with them very harshly.

Please don’t interpret my #StayHome orders in a kiyaye way. For us we know how Ugandans live. During the day one can go to their farm, sit in their compound, go to the garden but don’t visit your neighbours. Don’t go to the trading centres.”

The President also barred police and LDU from arresting people walking on foot by saying that; “Police should not use force to arrest people walking to town, if they are not part of the essential services. You are interfering with the plan of freezing movement.

Commenting about the economy being hurt by the lockdown, the President said that is inevitable but it is for the good of all. “I was watching the speeches in Parliament I don’t agree with that line of pessimism…that the economy is going to suffer what….I do not agree. Some sectors will suffer yes, but farming will not. Tourism will suffer but cows will continue. I have not heard that COVID is killing cows or coffee.

We have electricity and demand. We should put more money in the Uganda Development Bank (UDB) so that people can borrow to manufacture. Sanitizers had become a problem. Now 11 factories have been authorized to produce sanitisers. That means the manufacturing sector is growing. The manufacturing sector will grow fast because we have basics like electricity.”

He added that; “We’re actually going to do more manufacturing. The slavery of depending on other people will stop. You’ve seen what happens, when there is a problem, everyone cares about themselves. Manufacturing will prosper because we have the demand and we can produce,” Kaguta Museveni

He also commended individuals making contributions to the fight against COVID-19 by saying that; “What I had forgotten, is that we have started getting contributors. I call upon our rich people, contribute one good vehicle. Don’t give me a second hand one. Give me a new one. I want 135. As long as it is a 4 wheel drive.

I have written a letter to the Prime Minister, copied big people of the state, who are these people we are trying to give food. Some people think it’s a poverty alleviation programme. Poverty is a long term problem. It has been there. So don’t mix our known old problems with this emergency. “

Clarifying about allegations that some cultural leaders were misleading their people by telling them that the disease is a curse for white, Museveni said “This disease is not for the whites only. If can affect all people. Many famous musicians the ones who dance the dances you know, me I don’t know them, they have died.

I also want to advise you against people who masquerade to be experts on this #COVID19. Herbs can heal diseases but these are known diseases. Coronavirus is a new disease and has no vaccine.” an accessible web community

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