You’re Shameless: Bobi Wine Responds Furiously Against ‘Regime’ For Tear Gassing Wife In Nakaseke

You’re Shameless: Bobi Wine Responds Furiously Against ‘Regime’ For Tear Gassing Wife In Nakaseke an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Leader of National Unity Platform (NUP) Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine has spat furiously against what he calls the regime, for running out of shame by politicising every support from the opposition wing.

In a statement posted on his Facebook page, Bobi Wine has wondered what triggered Police to act violently against his wife Barbie Itungo Kyagulanyi, journalists and NUP supporters while delivering charity items to Nakaseke people yesterday.

Bobi Wine responds to the attack against his wife;

”The regime has failed to execute its mandate of ensuring the health and general welfare of its most vulnerable citizens. The Ministry of Education led by Madam Janet Museveni has on several occasions promised to provide school children with basics like sanitary pads, only to later turn around and claim there is no money.

As a result, many school girls from underprivileged families continue to drop out of school for lack of sanitary pads. Now beset with shame, the regime is keen on ensuring that no one else fulfils the basic duties it has failed to fulfil. Soon enough, we shall overcome this madness!”

Bobi & Barbie’s Facebook Posts

Bobi’s post came after that of his wife that reads;

Today morning, I travelled to Kikamulo Health Centre III in Nakaseke District to deliver charitable items on behalf of Caring Hearts Uganda, a charitable organization. This is an event about which Hon. Allan Mayanja of Nakaseke Central had informed in advance District authorities including the DPC Mr. Kwesiga John and the RDC Mr. Nayebale Kyamuzigita who according to Hon. Mayanja did not indicate any objection to it.
In the company of Hon. Brenda Nabukenya (Woman MP, Luwero District), Hon. Allan Mayanja (Nakaseke Central) and Hon. Lukalidde Hassan Kirumira (MP, Katikamu South), we arrived at the Health Center only to find heavy deployment of security officers commanded by the DPC Mr. Kwesiga. Also present were pregnant women and teenage mothers who had come to receive some of the relief items.
As soon as the MPs got out of their vehicles to speak to the DPC, police officers immediately started firing teargas and bullets at us and into the health centre. This caused  commotion as pregnant women, children and other people who had gathered in the proper observance of Covid-19 guidelines fled in different directions to escape the unprovoked terror. Two ladies including an NTV Journalist were subsequently injured by tear gas canisters and bullets fired at close range by the security officers. I was quickly evacuated from the scene and driven towards Bombo Town as police officers pursued us.
Once in Bombo Town, we found a heavy security roadblock at which our vehicle was blocked and we were then ordered to return “wherever you are coming from”. We were forced to make a U-turn and then asked to follow security officers in plain clothes who were travelling in a white Toyota Corolla. There was a quick change of mind when After a few minutes, the officers abruptly stopped and ordered us to make another U-turn and proceed again with our journey to Kampala. We did as instructed and reached home safely.
Unfortunately, we were forced to abandon  the truck carrying the items we had gone to deliver at the health center. Community members carried out some of these items and left them with one of their leaders. These items included maternity beds, re-usable sanitary pads, ‘mama’ birth kits, jerrycans of sanitizer, liquid soap, bar soap, basins, and clothes for newborn babies. Many of these items were meant for teenage girls who got pregnant after schools were closed during the first Covid-19 lockdown.
It is disheartening to see officers who should have provided security committing violence against the same vulnerable people they were supposed to protect, in an unexplained effort to block good Samaritans from coming to their aid. Despite the harrowing experience, we are currently engaging with relevant authorities in the district to ensure that the charitable items at least reach their intended beneficiaries.” an accessible web community

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