‘You’re Stinking!’ Tamale Mirundi Tells Makubuya, Kabushenga To Step Down From Coronavirus Taskforce

‘You’re Stinking!’ Tamale Mirundi Tells Makubuya, Kabushenga To Step Down From Coronavirus Taskforce

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By Spy Uganda

Senior Presidential Adviser fire brand Joseph Tamale Mirundi has asked under-fire city lawyer Apollo Makubuya and his friend, Vision Group CEO Robert Kabushenga, to step down from  the Coronavirus National Taskforce that was recently constituted by government, because “they stink”.

Appearing on his popular ‘One-On-One with Tamale Mirundi’ show on NBS Television on Tuesday morning April 14, 2020 from 9am -10am, the senior Presidential Adviser confessed that he was irked because the duo, whose conduct he has constantly criticized, had been appointed on the Taskforce.

He alleged that instead of responding to issues that concern them, the two decided to report him (Tamale) to the President during a meeting held at State House on Monday night.

“They are stinking, they should just step down!” Mirundi said.

“How can they say that Tamale Mirundi will stop donations? It’s them who will stop the business community from donating; they have a war with Sudhir, they stole his information and sold it to Bank of Uganda and finally sold his Crane Bank on phone along side with other six Banks. I’m just pointing out that they are stinking and instead of reporting me to the President, they should excuse themselves from the committee!”,he said.

Tamale even wondered how, of all the good people this country is ‘infested’ with, Makubuya and Kabushenga were chosen for such a sensitive committee. “I know these people when it comes to lobbying, they could have even bribed some people foe their names to be considered. To know that they’re too greedy like, they even sold their own Banks,”.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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