Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary Closure: Here’s The Truth, And Nothing But The Truth: ‘Mafia’ Want The Land To Grow Sugar Canes

Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary Closure: Here’s The Truth, And Nothing But The Truth: ‘Mafia’ Want The Land To Grow Sugar Canes

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has announced the immediate closure of Zziwa Rhino sanctuary citing the endless land wrangles between Zziwa Rhino and Wildlife Ranches (ZRWR), the owners of the land where the sanctuary is located and Rhino Fund Uganda, an NGO managing the Rhinos.

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The development comes few days after UWA issued a statement indicating their plans to relocate 33 Rhinos from Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary because of the ‘land dispute’, which has now been reversed with immediate closure something that has been drawn into loopholes by conservationists.

UWA via a statement says, “The closure has been triggered by the persistent misunderstandings and UWA realized that the conflict could potentially compromise the safety of the rhinos and took this decision to avert the threat.”

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But What’s The Truth Beneath UWA’s ‘Rocket-Speed’ Irrational Decision?

TheSpy Uganda has exclusively learnt through an insider source, that UWA is closing the sanctuary in the guise of land wrangles and ‘saving’ the rhinos from harm when in real sense is working on behalf of some big mafia from the first family who wants to use the sanctuary land to grow sugar canes. ”Don’t be deceived, here is the truth, there is a big mafia from the first family who earmarked this land for sugarcane growing. Its proximity to the water point, fertility, accessibility, geographical location of this land is what gave him the appetite to take want to take it at all costs. This UWA is simply acting on his behalf,” the source who talked on condition of anonymity revealed to this reporter.

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“For this to be effectively done, UWA has with immediate effect closed the sanctuary to the public and as such, no tourism activities will be undertaken until further notice,” UWA statement added.

Background Of This Land Row

The fight over this land was initially between Flight Captain, Joseph Charles Roy (JCR) and his family trading as Ziwa Rhino and Wildlife Ranch (ZRWR) at one hand and a South African investor, Angella (Angie) Genade, the Executive Director of Rhino Fund Uganda (RFU) on the other.

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Capt. Roy accused Genade of attempting to grab his 16,000 acres of land he had leased to RFU while Genade had been accusing Capt. Roy of wanting to evict them from the ranch.

Actually,  even President Yoweri Museveni met the two parties, gave each of them to explain their case and after listening, he reportedly ruled that the land in question belonged to Capt. Roy and nobody would forcefully take it away from him, although this has never solved anything. After meeting Museveni, the fight intensified instead of ending, something that puzzled Capt. Roy more. Roy later tried to seek another appointment with the president but the appointment was frustrated by State House mafias too and has since never again met the president to explain to him his instructions were actually ignored right in his face. Watch this space for more details on this….!

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