Another Museveni Supporter Nailed; This Time In The Mouth!

Another Museveni Supporter Nailed; This Time In The Mouth! an accessible web community an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Acts of nailing supporters of president Yoweri Museveni and the National Resistance Movement (NRM) at large are continuing unabatted.

Just a few days after Baker Kasumba being nailed in the hands by unknown goons who waylaid him on his way home in Kalerwe for Museveni, another NRM supporter has been attacked.

Museveni supporter with the nail in his mouth

However, this time round the attack has occurred in Mbale, eastern Uganda, where a staunch supporter of Museveni and Speaker Rebecca Kadaga was allegedly attacked and nailed in the mouth over the weeked.

The Museveni supporter who was nailed in the mouth is reporetdly a local musician who has been traversing the country with Kadaga’s convoy, drumming up support for NRM.

He shows the nail still stuck in mouth

Following the grisly attack, Arafat Beineki, a human rights activist, stated thus; “These heinous acts must be fully investigated!!.
I don’t believe Uganda has slipped off to this level!!. This gentleman in Mbale is believed to have been subjected to this immense pain due to his ardent support for the status quo, as manifested in his kadongokamu songs!!
It is said he has been lately traversing with Kadaga in Mbale as his songs praising Museveni played high!!. All right thinking citizens must condemn such criminal acts!!”

The yet to be identified Museveni supporter is currently undergoing medical attention in Mbale as the police investigate the matter.
It is however not yet clear whether this man was nailed in the mouth by People Power goons as it was alleged in the case of Kasumba, who has since been taken in a secret place by the NRM Secretary General Lumumba Kasule, for safety.

Baker Kasumba who was nailed in Kalerwe last month an accessible web community an accessible web community

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