Arsenal F.C Signs Up Uganda’s Fik Fameica!

Arsenal F.C Signs Up Uganda’s Fik Fameica! an accessible web community

By Samuel Opio 

Walukagga Shafik commonly known by his stage name Fik Fameika (Fresh Bwoy) has surprised the world by announcing his move to join football!

Sitting on the club backdrop, the rapper made a huge announcement and stated that he had signed a multi-million deal with Arsenal Football club.

“Arsenal has signed me and i may not disclose how much they bought me but its quite too much. I have been doing stuff as i send them. So all my music fans i might have less time to release more songs,” the Born to Win hit maker wrote on his social media.

Video: Fik Fameika’s speech.

However,according to pundits , this could be just a stunt to capture people’s attention and perhaps make headline.

As he gears up for his very first huge music concert, the rapper traveled to United Kingdom for a music show before setting off for Turkey. an accessible web community

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