Be Trustworthy, Museveni Will Never Disappoint You: D/Speaker Tayebwa To Mao

Be Trustworthy, Museveni Will Never Disappoint You: D/Speaker Tayebwa To Mao

By Spy Uganda

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Thomas Tayebwa has tipped Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Nobert Mao on working with President Museveni.

Speaking at Minister Mao’s homecoming and thanksgiving ceremony at Kaunda Grounds in Gulu City in Northern Uganda, Tayebwa described the president as a man of his word and asked the Democratic Party President General to be trustworthy in his dealing with President Museveni-led government.

“In the little time I have worked very closely with President Museveni, he is a man who keeps his word. You better keep your word ,” Tayebwa said.

He lauded Minister Mao whom he described as a visionary leader of a group that believes in a united Uganda for offering to promote unity by working with the government as he was still an opposition figure.

“Functions like these make some of us take heart, where we had doubt saying where is the future of our country at least we can see there are people who still believe in a united Uganda and Chairman Mao, thanks for being the leader of that group,” Tayebwa said.

He said parliament will support all efforts aimed at keeping Ugandans together.

“As Parliament, we pledge that we shall support every endeavor from a legislative perspective [and] from appropriation perspective, that will bring unity in this country and make all over us work together,” the deputy speaker added.

Although a section of political leaders have criticized Mao working with a ruling government, Tayebwa said that what the DP President is doing is a service to the country but not for a few individuals.

“I know you were at the forefront of pushing for IPOD funding to be increased, it came to parliament and we discussed it with the [NRM] Secretary General Richard Tadwong and we supported the supplementary, but political parties which benefited the most, called you a sellout. [But] don’t get tired my brother, keep negotiating, the country is seeing what you’re doing,” he added.

Tayebwa also called upon all Ugandans to work together in unity in order to foster the development of the country.

The NRM Vice Chairman, Hajj Moses Kigongo represented the NRM Chairman and President Yoweri Museveni said the ruling government will continue to work with anyone who has Uganda at heart.

“You have united these people here, and you’re ready to serve your country. Go ahead. The sky will be the limit,” Hajj Kigongo said.

He urged the people of Acholi to combat sectarian politics; a vice he said has caused untold suffering to the people of Acholi sub-region for the last 60 years and beyond.

I suspect God must have had a purpose why he has kept him for more than 60 years witnessing the unnecessary mistakes caused by defective ideologies and strategies,” he said, adding that politics of identity is wrong.

Senior Presidential Advisor on Defence and Security and the national coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation, Gen Caleb Akandwanaho (Salim Saleh ), commended Minister Mao for putting Uganda first ahead of personal achievements.

“Some of us who were witnesses of the democratization process and constitutionalization we were wondering why did DP separate from NRM because they were partners from 1986 – 1996. Chairman Mao, we are happy that you’re back on that principle,” Gen Saleh said.

Gulu Archdiocese Vicar General, Msgr Mathew Odong preached unity and reconciliation to help spur development in the sub-region.

He tasked Mao to head the reconciliation efforts in Northern Uganda to achieve lasting peace and harmony that can guarantee the development of the sub-region.

“We cannot keep fighting one another; let’s use today as the beginning of a new day in our lives,” Msgr Odong said.

On his part, Mao said he will traverse the country to continue promoting unity in the coming days.

I’m going to move, mobilizing not only in Acholi but all over Uganda preaching unity because what we have done is unity for a purpose,” he said.

Politicians including Cabinet Ministers, Members of Parliament, DP Vice President Mukasa Mbidde were among the leaders at the event. an accessible web community

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