Bloodthirsty Crocodile Named After ‘Osama Bin Laden’ Terrorizes Village, Kills 80 People In Uganda

Bloodthirsty Crocodile Named After ‘Osama Bin Laden’ Terrorizes Village, Kills 80 People In Uganda an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kalangala: A crocodile that was named after Osama Bin Laden has eaten around 80 people from a village in Africa over the years, including both adults and children.

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The bloodthirsty reptile, which is believed by some to be over 75 years old, has been terrorising those who live by the shores of Lake Victoria in Uganda for years.

According to reports, the huge 16-foot animal killed a tenth of the population of the village of Luganga between the years of 1991 and 2005, hunting in an opportunistic manner to snatch children who were collecting water at the shores of the lake, or swimming underneath boats in order to capsize them.

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At one stage, the croc reportedly took to leaping out of the water into boats to carry off people to eat.

One such fisherman was only discovered dead because his clothes were found floating on the water.

Another man saw his brother killed by Osama, while he himself escaped.

Then, in 2005, villagers requested some help to deal with the crocodile, and it was eventually captured through the efforts of 50 men from the local area and wildlife officials.

While many wanted the beast dead, the authorities said that they wouldn’t kill Osama ‘with impunity.

He was eventually given to the owners of Ugandan Crocs for their breeding programme.

The crocodile farm breeds loads of giant crocodiles for sale into the handbag trade in countries such as Italy and South Korea.

People can visit the farm as a tourist attraction to see the many crocodiles that will eventually end up on the shelves of fashion shops around the globe.

At least Osama wasn’t able to kill any more people after that. an accessible web community

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