Board Kicks UIA Boss Kaguhangire In The Ass Over Corruption, Nepotism!

Board Kicks UIA Boss Kaguhangire In The Ass Over Corruption, Nepotism! an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Kampala:The Executive Director of Uganda Investment Authority (UIA), Ms Jolly Kamugira Kaguhangire has on Tuesday been suspended by the Board of Directors over corruption, nepotism, insubordination  among other accusations! The Board of Directors, in a move to save  the image of the government agency that has recently suffered several  allegations of corruption and blatant nepotism, decided to dustbin Jolly Kaguhangire as one of the steps being taken to revamp the image of the once very powerful Gov’t parastatal.

Last week, UIA staff petitioned the Inspector General of Government (IGG), demanding an investigation into the way public funds are being spent by executive director, decrying injustice and corruption.

Letter from the Board of directors that dustbinned Kaguhangire.

However, no sooner had IGG’s office responded to the petitioners than the Board of Directors headed by Emely Kugonza hastily convened and thereafter resolved to suspend Ms Kaguhangire for three months as it ‘investigates’ the allegations leveled against her! The Board, not only suspended her for three months, but went ahead and appointed Mr Basil Ajer, director in charge of SMEs as acting Executive Director. This, according to insiders on condition of anonymity, is the last nail in Kaguhangire’s ‘coffin’. “Ofcourse she won’t return (naawe-You also),that was a guise to manage her diplomatically’ an insider said on phone when consulted about her chances to return after three months.

In the June 20 letter to the IGG, the UIA staff claimed that Ms Kaguhangire and a few colleagues in the management are diverting funds meant for work for unnecessary travels abroad. “she is out of office every month and she doesn’t give staff meaningful accountability thereafter,” one of the staff commented.

“Several activities have also been put off due to inadequate funds but the funds for her travels are always available,” reads their statement to the IGG alleging that a lot of money for the current financial year has been used for paying staff whose recruitment was not approved.

Key among the issues addressed to the IGG include; corruption, paying ghost workers, extravagance and several others.

They also decried sectarianism based recruitment especially in the top management at the Authority, they added  that only those related to the executive director were safe at work, a situation that had worried other members of the staff.

Uganda Investment Authority appointed Ms Jolly Kamugira Kaguhangire as the new executive director effective 1st July 2017 to replace Mr Frank Sebbowa whose contract had ended in October 2016.

But Who Is Jolly Kamugira Kaguhangire?

Ms Kaguhangire was head of operations at Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), leading more than 700 staff. She is the fifth executive director and second woman to lead UIA, a government agency that initiates and supports measures that enhance investment in Uganda and has been advising Government on appropriate policies conducive for investment promotion.

Kaguhangire crossed  from URA to UIA with 23 yrs of experience having risen through the ranks  from junior officer to becoming part of the top management at URA, working as Assistant Commissioner for Service Management. She completed eight years at senior management level at URA before joining UIA.

Jolly holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and Management. She also holds a Postgraduate diploma in Management and a Post graduate diploma in Tax and Revenue Administration.

UIA chanced on her after a two round rigorous search for anew Executive Director to replace Mr.Frank ssebowa after his contract expired in 2016. an accessible web community

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