Kirumira Was Right To Resign From Police- Minister Otafiire

Kirumira Was Right To Resign From Police- Minister Otafiire an accessible web community

By Benson Tumusiime

Justice and constitutional affairs Minister Maj.Gen.(RTD) Kahinda Otafiire has applauded the former Buyende district police commander ASP Muhammad Kirumira (mwo’yo gwagwanga) for exposing irregularities that seemed to be on the increase in the Uganda police force (UPF) as an institution.

Gen.Otafiire made the remarks while officiating at the International Day in support of victims of torture in Uganda at old Kampala play grounds on Tuesday.

Otafiire said that Mr.Kirumira was very right with what he did by exposing such irregularities of Murder, torture, Kidnap, abuse of rule of law and all those people he mentioned who were involved in such acts that were against the Uganda’s constitution.

Gen. Otafiire while addressing the congregation that involved Chairperson of the Uganda Human Rights Commission, Representatives from Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Government, Representatives from the Justice and Law and Order Sector, including the UPF’s Kampala- Metropolitan Commander and other members of the law enforcement agencies,  Representatives of the EU Delegation in Uganda,Democratic Governance Facility (DGF),Chairperson of the Coalition Against Torture in Uganda, Board Chair of ACTV,Chairperson of the Torture Survivors Association in Uganda and other representatives of Civil Society Organisations. He said that some of government’s actions were based on the strong evidence that Kirumira used to shame people to pin and have the culprits brought to book. Otafiire noted that shame is a revolutionary statement though there is time for a second time.

“The government has received a lot of Complaints from people about officers who misuse power, take bribes, who do not know the procedures of handling suspects and those who use torture to get information, Gov’t therefore warns all security agencies to stop torture against suspects,” he said. an accessible web community

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