Bobi Wine Is Contesting Against Kabaka Not M7, Am Coming To Give Museveni Bloody Nose-Kyalya!

Bobi Wine Is Contesting Against Kabaka Not M7, Am Coming To Give Museveni Bloody Nose-Kyalya!

By Spy Uganda

Former presidential candidate, Maureen Kyalya, says she too will run for President in 2021 general elections again.

In an interview with Daily Monitor, Kyalya described as “crazy”, Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine, her possible rival who has already declared his presidential bid.

According to her, Bobi Wine is only challenging the Buganda King Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II so that he is the one to be worshiped, but not president Museveni.

“I think he is crazy, Bobi Wine is trying to start a war that will raise a fundamental question,” Kyalya told Monitor.

Mad?! Bobi Wine

She said Bobi Wine is taking on the Kabaka for superiority in Buganda which has significant implications for destroying or suspending the Buganda Kingdom.

“I doubt he has even thought about what his fellow Baganda will lose from that,” she said.

According to Kyalya, the head of state for Uganda is supposed to be the Kabaka of Buganda.

She said the President is supposed to be the Prime Minister per the 1962 constitution.

“Uganda was set up like UK and that is not just politically but a fundamental spiritual and cultural balance situation because Uganda is not an ordinary country. Bobi Wine wants to change this truth,”she said.

On her presidential bid, Kyalya said she will register her own political party in July this year.

“I will stand in 2021, God willing,” she said.

In 2016, Kyalya garnered only 40,598 Votes representing (0.44%). President Museveni won with 5,617,503 votes representing 60.75 percent, followed by Dr Kiiza Besigye who garnered 3,270,290 votes representing 35.37 in the controversial election. (

Since 2016, Museveni’s closet contender Mr.Kizza Besigye refused to concede defeat alleging he won the 2016 elections but he is out of state house because his victory was stolen. He has since,as a matter of fact formed a ‘people’s’ Gov’t where he serves as the president and the city lord mayor Erias Lukwago as his deputy. an accessible web community

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