Carry Out Impactful Research To Help Us Curb Land Conflicts-Nabakooba Tasks Makerere University

Carry Out Impactful Research To Help Us Curb Land Conflicts-Nabakooba Tasks Makerere University

By Spy Uganda

As land conflicts and wrangles continue to stress Ugandans, Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development Hon. Judith Nabakooba believes research can play a big role to solve this problem.

Delivery a speech at the launch of the Masters in Land Administration Degree Program at Makerere University, tasked the institution to undertake extensive research to provide solutions that can unlock the productive potential of the Uganda’s rural based communities.

“Now that government is doing its part, we are looking at our Universities to show us where the weak points are. We are looking at this Master’s program to give us the evidence about the missing links in our efforts to add these subsistence communities into the bigger productive economy,” Nabakooba said.

She noted that while government under the leadership of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has renewed efforts against land fragmentation, through the new master’s program researched data should be provided to help stem the primitive practices including land fragmentation-that are responsible for the low productive utilization of land.

She stated,”We are living at a time when land technologies in mapping and satellite are increasing becoming available and affordable. Uganda has recently joined the space race by launching our own satellite. We are therefore, relying on the institutions of higher learning to help us make the best of these technologies in addressing conflicts over boundaries and trespass.

“We expect Makerere University through such programs to provide us with timely information on possible areas of land conflicts.”

The Minister was also optimistic that the new masters program will be very useful in understanding and finding solutions related to the adverse effects of climate change and protecting  the environment.

“How can we teach our communities to sustainably utilize their land in such a way that it serves their fuel needs but the environment as well? How can we sustainably protect our natural habitats like wetlands and forests but be able to have land for industries and urban centers,” Nabakooba added.

Nabakooba’s Ministry is responsible for providing policy direction, national standards and coordination of all matters concerning lands, housing and urban development.

It’s also responsible for putting in place policies and initiating laws that ensure sustainable land management, promote sustainable housing for all and foster orderly urban development in the country. an accessible web community

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