City businessman Nabs Wife Cheating, Clobbers Her To Pulp

City businessman Nabs Wife Cheating, Clobbers Her To Pulp

By Andrew Irumba

Kampala: Human rights activists across the country have come out to condemn a city businessman who reportedly assaulted his wife, after allegedly nabbing her with another man.

Prince Martin Juuko, hitherto a city events promoter and proprietor of Praise Shop at MM Plaza in Kampala, shocked the nation when he posted pictures of his wife Brenda Namuyomba, whom he had tied with a belt and severely beaten.

Brenda Namuyomba tied after being beaten by Juuko

Juuko accuses Namuyomba, the mother of his three children, of severally cheating on him with numerous city Casanovas, many of them fellow city businessmen and his friends. He accuses her of turning his shop at MM Plaza called Praise Shop into a hook up spot or Sex Shop of sorts, where she has been transacting her sex business with not only herself but also hooking up women with men who want sex without strings attached. (Tramadol)
Juuko and Brenda during their happy days

We have established that Juuko is a prominent businessman in Kampala dealing in first class clothes with a second shop on Ham Shopping mall apart from the one at MM Plaza.

Brenda Namuyomba in pain

Juuko claims that he gives everything to his wife, he gives her all the care she desires, pays for her to travel abroad regularly for shopping and holidays, bought her a good vehicle and she sleeps in a bungalow in Muyenga but despite all that she keeps cheating on him, reason why he decided to punish her, because she even sleeps with customers who go to the shop, Juukos friends and many other people.

Brenda Namuyomba before being clobbered by Juuko

However, many human rights activists have lambasted Juuko for his brutal acts of domestic violence and several of them are calling upon police to intervene by arresting Juuko and rescuing Namuyomba, before he does more harm to her.

Namuyomba with Juuko’s kids

Many of the sympathisers argue that if he can reach the extent of tying the mother of his children and brutalizing her like that, then he is capable of even ending her life, hence she needs immediate rescue from his deadly violence.

Brenda’s bruised thighs after being clobbered

Here are some of the comments from several Ugandans about Juuko’s acts of domestic violence;

Joy Gee Gee: think she should press charges

Joze Kasirye: He shouldn’t have flogged her…after all, women are many in town. Am of the opinion that the husband was not satisfying her in bed and when she tried the “game” out of wed-lock, she found what she was missing…nze bwendaba…ate gwe??
Juuko and wife during happy days

Peter Hergens Doerr Enevold:No real man or boy beat a woman like that.. He must be a nobrainer no-matter how much money he have. Let her go to the police and ask her brothers to raise this nobrainer.

Juuko’s post after brutalising his wife

Karimwabo Izaq: e should be arrested.. I know the law talks something about this… am not sure what it says about suspected cheating an accessible web community

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