Confirmed! Kenyan President William Ruto To Attend Uganda’s 60th Independence Celebrations

Confirmed! Kenyan President William Ruto To Attend Uganda’s 60th Independence Celebrations

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Kenya’s newly-elected President H.E William Ruto will make his first visit to Uganda since assuming office last month.

This has been confirmed by Kasambya County legislator David Kabanda saying Ruto will attend Uganda’s Independence celebrations slated for 9th October 2022 at Kololo Independence Grounds.

9th October 2022 will mark Uganda’s 60th Independence anniversary it ceased being a British colony in 1962. Ruto was invited personally by President Museveni along with Six other heads of State who have also confirmed their attendance for the occasion.

“On invitation of the father of the region Mzei @KagutaMuseveni, President @WilliamsRuto and 6 others have confirmed attendance as Uganda celebrates her 60th independence on 9/10/2022. As Ugandans, we are excited to welcome William Ruto in Uganda,” Hon Kabanda said in a tweet.

President Museveni widely supported Ruto in the previous general election in Kenya. Ruto even while still a Deputy President was seen on a number of occasions visiting Uganda on the invitation of Museveni.

Shortly after being named the 5th Kenyan president, Museveni called in quickly to congratulate him on his well-deserved win. The Ugandan president was also among the notable speakers during Ruto’s swearing-in ceremony.

While inviting Museveni to speak, Ruto referred to him as the father of the region. The two have reiterated to foster the working relationship of the two countries on different levels.

And the response,  Museveni expressed optimism about Ruto’s administration in fostering East Africa’s development.

Museveni, a long-time friend of Ruto said he has met Kenya’s fifth president on several occasions and knows him as a practical person, adding that he is confident he will deliver.

“I have not read Kenya Kwanza’s manifesto or that of Azimio but I Know Ruto…I have met him a number of times in Uganda and I know he likes ideas and frank talking,” Museveni said during Ruto’s inauguration last month. an accessible web community

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