Stop Rushing For Money While Exposing Your Lives To Danger: YUASA Tips Brokers About COVID-19 Prevention & Control

Stop Rushing For Money While Exposing Your Lives To Danger: YUASA Tips Brokers About COVID-19 Prevention & Control an accessible web community

By Frank Kamuntu

Kampala: Amidst the escalation of COVID-19 cases in Uganda, East Africa’s leading importer and dealer of cars & trucks, Yuasa Investments Ltd has today offered free lectures to its brokers about virus’ prevention and control in a bid to save multi-lives succumbing to the deadly virus.

Some Of The Brokers Being Lectured By YUASA Experts About COVID-19 Prevention

In an exercise held at the company’s headquarters located in Nakawa a Kampala suburb, over 100 brokers have been urged to reconsider their lives before money by ensuring that they follow the Ministry of Health Standard Operating Procedures during their interactions with clients.

On his part Salongo Sebanakiita Masagazi, an advisor to the CEO YUASA Mr. Hasham AR. Wahaib, urged brokers to always remember the number of prominent people who have succumbed to the virus despite their unbeatable wealth before they run over money and forget following SOPs.

Ssalongo Sebanakiita Masagazi Tipping Brokers About COVID-19 Prevention

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“You may see that washing hands delays you but before thinking so, take a flashback about a huge number of people who have succumbed to this disease and gone with nothing in the grave, therefore let’s love our lives and listen to Ministry of Health to defeat this enemy of COVID-19,” said Mr Ssebanakiita.

Meanwhile, Dr.Muhanguzi Nelson from Mulago Hospital emergency unit on the same event asked brokers to periodically test and confirm their statuses furthermore observe all the SOPs as another way to kick COVID-19 out of Uganda.

Dr.Muhanguzi Nelson Asking Brokers To Be Key Players In The Struggle Of Curbing COVID-19

He said, “Don’t live a life of fear leading to doubts about your health status, always test and confirm how you are to ensure that people around you are not infected.”

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He further urged brokers to do physical exercises, take warm water, lemons, pineapples, garlic and vitamins to strengthen their immunities.

Whereas, Dr Nimusiima Lissa from Kololo based Medipal Hospital urged brokers to always ensure the proper way of wearing masks by covering both mouth and nose and also wash their masks daily to avoid re-infecting themselves.

Youthful Dr Nimusiima (With Blue Mask) Showing Brokers Proper Ways Of Washing Hands

“Covering only your mouth and leave out the nose is similar to not covering yourself all because you are still exposed to the virus, therefore, you should always cover both organs and your wash hands as much as possible,” she said.

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YUASA CEO Mr Hasham AR.Wahaib

On thereother hand, YUASA CEO Mr Hasham AR. Wahaib thanked brokers for the great job they are doing being the company’s frontline servants and a result, promised that starting with this year, the company is going to be awarding hardworking blockers every after three months.

“Due to your huge effort rendered to YUASA, starting with this year, we are going to be selecting employee of the month, an employee of the year among other categories and award you in a bid to strengthen our relationship as YUASA family,” said Mr Wahaib an accessible web community

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