Councillors Beg Sheema CAO To Rescue District From Town Clerk

Councillors Beg Sheema CAO To Rescue District From Town Clerk

By Micheal Atwakiire

Sheema: Kitagata Town Council Councillors want the Chief Administrative officer (CAO) of Sheema district to rescue them by transferring their Town Clerk to another area, alleging that her name rotates around several corruption allegations.

Sylivia Nampa, who is currently the Town Clerk Kitagata Town Council, is alleged to have failed to acount for Shs25M that was meant for the construction of Mashenga bridge in Muhito ward, Kitagata Town Council, which has spent almost a year now without being constructed.
Town Clerk Sylvia Nampa in office

Anatoli Twinamatsiko, the Councillor Muhito ward, said that “Out of Shs100m that was meant for Mashenga bridge construction, we recieved Shs25m for the first phase. Our Town Clerk connived with the former engineer and they misused our money. Even if you reach the bridge, it’s like thehy spent Shs3-4m but Twinamatsiko told us that the money got finished, reason why construction of the bridge stalled.

We asked for accountability but she refused to comply. Remember this is not the first time she is misusing our money; the tax she collects from Kitagata Hot Springs, about Shs2-3M monthly, she only managed to use some of it to renovate a toilet. When we asked for accountability, she assured as to back of. What we need from CAO is one; to take away Nampa as soon as possible. Our voters are blaming us for not delivery services yet it’s her frustrating our efforts.”

Mashenga bridge that cost Shs25M to construct

Laban Gumisiriza, the Councillor Kimondo ward and chairman Finance Committee said that “For us we got a problem. If we remain with this Town Clerk, we are going nowhere. What I know is if that bridge took a lot of money, it’s like Shs2m. (Alprazolam) Remember, after receiving Shs25m, she refused to use a contractor as it should be. She instead teamed up with the former district engineer and they did what they wanted.

Recently they brought to us a new Town Council engineer, who refused to continue constructing the bridge without a contractor. Remember we have already got Shs35m for the second phase but still stuck because the engineer isn’t willing to continue without a contractor. When we ask for accountability, she either abuses or tell us openly that she won’t give it to us. By the way it’s not only about the bridge but also other sectors.”

When this reporter reached Nampa for a comment about the allegations, she refused to comment about the matter but instead advised him to call the Inspector General of Government (IGG) and switched off. A few moments later she called the reporter using her Airtel line and spat venom, saying that the Councillors who reported such trash against her are dull. an accessible web community

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