Never Dream That You Can Oust God-Given Museveni: City Pastor Ronald Cautions Opposition

Never Dream That You Can Oust God-Given Museveni: City Pastor Ronald Cautions Opposition

By Peter Ssebulime

Kampala:  Apostle Ronald Hope Witness of Full Knowledge of God International Ministries Zanna has highlighted key points why President Museveni is still God-given gift to Ugandans, Africans and the entire world noting that he should not be voted out of power unless Ugandans are yearning for political unrest.

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Addressing journalists at his church yesterday, Ronald revealed that president Museveni was called by God to rule Uganda but asked him to repent for the few faults he has committed in the past years.

“He has started doing things which annoys God but if he repents and returns to God’s calling of preparing and maintaining our peace and justice for all Ugandans, I believe he will be forgiven and rewarded much more wisdom in his leadership,” Ronald noted.

Apostle added that it’s only God who has the power to appoint any leader into power hence mudslinging the “so-called” people power saying it has no mandate in regard to the appointment of a leader rather initiate both local and international conflicts to Uganda.

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He further disclosed that God visited him through Angel Gabriel from 2nd to 4th September 2020, with a warning message about 2021 general elections telling him that he should inform voters about the right candidate if they don’t want problems hence advocating for president Museveni’s support.

Ronald insists that minus president Museveni, the rest who are contesting for the post of the presidency cannot rule Uganda. “I don’t trust them because they are violent and incompetent leaders,” he noted. 

He revealed, “Violating SOPs set by the Ministry of Health in a bid to fight COVID-19 indicates that they do not care about Ugandans and the general public but  only care about their campaigns.”

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He added that though some people claim that the NRM flag bearer Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is old enough to lead Uganda, they have to know that he still has a task to accomplish according to the message from God.

“The God told me, “Apostle Ronald, tell Museveni about the symbols of my presence in the Gorilla warfare through which I led him into the power with 41 people and 27 guns,” he revealed. an accessible web community

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