Presidential Address: Gov’t Will Compensate Kyagulanyi’s Non Rioters But Blame Should Be Put On ‘Untouchable’ Opposition Leaders-Museveni

Presidential Address: Gov’t Will Compensate Kyagulanyi’s Non Rioters But Blame Should Be Put On ‘Untouchable’ Opposition Leaders-Museveni

By Frank Kamuntu 

Mbale: In his address to Ugandans on the state of affairs and security in the nation, President Museveni has revealed that the government will compensate all the victims of Kyagulanyi’s protest who were not part of the riots.

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“We shall compensate all the victims of the protest and their properties if they can be verified will be compensated, but the blame should be put on leaders who don’t follow the set COVID-19 guidelines a threat to lives of innocent Ugandans,” Museveni noted.

Museveni blamed the rioters saying even though their candidate Kyagulanyi was arrested, they should have waited for him to go to court like he eventually did instead of crushing government properties. “The feeling that Kyagulanyi is untouchable because he is a politician and prompts people to riot must never be repeated.”

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He also noted that the opposition’s attack on his supporters wearing party yellow shirts, the attack on officers in uniform should also never happen again. “Whoever has ears should listen. You are not doing anyone a favor to keep the law.”

He further warned that those attacking police, that in spite of the weakness of the officers that allows impunity of lawlessness to persist, “the overall security posture of Uganda is robust and that is where people (like these rioters) make miscalculations; You will be defeated.”

On the other hand, he blamed police for shooting directly in crowds saying this led to the death of 54 people that include 32 whom he said were rioters and many of these were hit by stray bullets and others knocked.

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Addressing on COVID-19 pandemic, Museveni revealed, “As we look forward to emerging from this COVID-19 nightmare, we shall organize bailouts for businesses that have been affected by the pandemic; these include among others; private schools, the entertainment industry, the hospitality industry, street vendors, etc.”

He added that COVID-19 victims should not lose hope since scientists have developed seven vaccines, six of which are under trial, and one, an immune booster is already being used.

He added that the first three (3) are all anti-virals- killing the virus and limiting the damage of the virus to the body. “The scientists have told me that dozens of people have been healed by these substances but, starting December 15, 2020, patients under strict medical supervision will have this medicine tried on them.”

According to Museveni, the scientists within 40 days enough patients will have been treated to convince other persons that are not part of the trials that the drug works against COVID-19 and other viruses.

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“The fourth exciting product is a bronchial dilator- a drug that will keep your lung airways open without the need to use the ventilators that cause so much damage to other body parts where they are inserted,” he said.

He added, “Our scientists have also developed two diagnostic tents- one which uses saliva and can give results in 30 minutes. There is always opportunity in adversity.” an accessible web community

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