Don’t Fear To Task Those Corrupt ‘Big Fish’ To Explain Source Of Wealth-Chief Justice Owiny Dollo Tasks Malnourished Corruption Victims!

Don’t Fear To Task Those Corrupt ‘Big Fish’ To Explain Source Of Wealth-Chief Justice Owiny Dollo Tasks Malnourished Corruption Victims!

By Andrew Irumba

Kampala: During a luncheon hosted by the State House Anti Corruption Unit led by Lt Col Edith Nakalema, at parliamentary gardens yesterday, the Chief Justice of Uganda, who was guest of honour called upon the public, the biggest victims of corruption, to question the source of the so-called ”big fish’s” wealth whenever they come across them, especially in places of worship, public gatherings, burials among others. To back them up, Dollo qualified his statement that it’s legally mandatory for them to account to the public on how they use public resources, because it’s their (tax payers) money.

”The fight against corruption is not selfish interest. It’s for good governance and public service delivery. Therefore, it’s a fight for everyone,” he added.

According to Owiny, the big challenge in fighting corruption is that the communities have failed to question the source of wealth for their neighbours and relatives adding that there’s a need for strong advocacy and, lifestyle audits, especially on government workers.

”We must be held accountable for what we own more so ”the big fish. And if we fail to account, investigations be made,” said Owiny Dollo adding that the corrupt should be sentenced and imprisoned for 40 years, and their ill-gotten wealth confiscated as another mechanism of ending the vice.

He called for more resources to the Anti-corruption agencies.

PM Nabbanja Vows To Unmask The Corrupt

“Corruption is a killer cancer that has undermined the image of our country, it has cost us confidence from the public, our voters. We want to deny the corrupt bail,” she said.

She emphasized that corruption kills when a mother dies giving birth because the health worker is not on duty or is waiting for a bribe.

”Corruption kills when our children go to school but the teachers are not there. When civil servants collude with the service providers for cheaper ways of doing work and deliver shoddy output,” she added.

She noted that people have died in collapsed buildings just because some else stole a bag of cement.

Nabbanja praised H.E the president for his wisdom to establish the State House Anti-corruption Unit and appointing Col. Nakalema to head the Unit.

She pledged full support to the Unit and committed to rally everyone to be at the forefront in the fight against corruption.

”This time….Kigenda Kunyuma…we must fight corruption the same way we are fighting Covid-19 by mobilizing everyone to report all those involved in corruption. We shall remove the mask of the corrupt and expose them. We must make corruption a shameless and risky disease,” vowed Nabbanja. an accessible web community

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