Don’t Punish Yourselves Like Buhweju District: Museveni Warns Sheema Voters As He Roots Support For Elioda.

Don’t Punish Yourselves Like Buhweju District: Museveni Warns Sheema Voters As He Roots Support For Elioda.

By Micheal Bitunga Atwakiire

Campaigning for cabinet minister Hon Dr. Elioda Tumwesigye NRM flag bearer for Sheema Municipality MP seat, HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni requested voters to elect only NRM party and warned them not to be like their neighbors of Buhweju district whom he said  voted Hon Mwijukye Francis (Fdc)  and left out Hon Biraaro Ephraim (NRM) and are now ‘suffering with him’.

“During the reign of Hon Biraaro, I couldn’t sleep nor relax, that man disturbed me like nothing asking for roads, Electricity, Hospitals and many others. We even constructed the rural road that connects Ibanda district and Buhweju district because of his pressure on me, but since they voted Mwijukye whom I have never seen physically, I relaxed and I can’t think about Buhweju, even I don’t know whether they are there because they punished themselves ignorantly knowing that they were punishing Hon Biraaro, so don’t be like them”Museveni warned.

President Museveni who wondered why some villages don’t have power yet the report he has showed all villages had power tasked Dr Elioda to explain to him why some villages and parishes in Sheema still don’t have power. “I Wonder why other villages have electricity but Kihunda where I’m standing now doesn’t have, when I reached here I thought that maybe they have taken me to Congo, is this village also in Uganda? ” surprised Museveni asked.

However, Minister Elioda clarified that the engineers are supposed to start on the project the following week to supply electricity, having obtained a loan from the Islamic Development Bank.

His Excellence also explained to them that it’s only NRM members of parliament who know where services are delivered from but not opposition.

He added that NRM caucus first sit and decide where to deliver services to and then after they take to Parliament to obey the constitution but in a real sense when they have already passed.
“If you vote that ‘ka woman’ of FDC, you will never obtain anything from above,” Museveni warned.

Dr. Elioda asked the president to help the jobless youths, women groups, Boda boda boys to come out of poverty plus giving the full gospel church bishop and district Islamic CAD a vehicle which president approved and confirmed that after elections everything will be given to them instantly.

Chairperson LCV Sheema district canon David Kabigumira denied rumours that he supports FDC flag bearer, he said those are fake stories.
Kabigumira explained that his hatred and confusion between him and Dr Elioda were sorted out amicably and they are now two in one hence supporting him an accessible web community

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