Fdc’s Mwijukye Reacts To President Museveni’s Verbal Artillery: Retire From Politics, Emulate Mandela

Fdc’s Mwijukye Reacts To President Museveni’s Verbal Artillery: Retire From Politics, Emulate Mandela

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By Micheal Bitunga Atwakiire

FDC member of Parliament Buhweju County Hon. Mwijukye Francis is ached by President Museveni’s last night verbal attack against him when he was canvasing votes for Sheema Municipality NRM candidate Hon.Elioda Tumwesigye.

Last Friday,president Museveni warned the Sheema municipality voters not to punish themselves like Buhweju who voted FDC’s Mwijukye and left NRM candidate.

“During Hon Biraaro’s regime, I couldn’t relax, he disturbed me alot asking for roads, schools, hospitals and so many other services. I even constructed a tarmac road that links Ibanda District and Buhweju in a deep village, but ever since they voted the so called Mwijukye Francis of FDC whom I have never seen physically, I relaxed and I can’t even think about people of Buhweju, because they put themselves into hell thinking that they were punishing Hon Biraaro, so don’t be like them,” Museveni said.

However,Mwijukye never slept last night, he began his response by remembering the name ‘Mwijukyw’by mentioning it many times than even the NRM candidate for whom he had to canvas support.

“Yesterday president said that I’m nothing, then I ask myself that if he calls me nothing yet I’m the member of parliament, what do you think he calls you voters who vote us?. That I don’t know where services are delivered from because I’m not a member of NRM caucus, but even me I don’t want to go there because it’s where our suffering comes from, it’s where unnecessary amendments come from, it’s where they fix and raise taxes from because all members there are puppets,” Mwijukye reacted while in Rushozi Ward, Sheema Municipality where was campaigning for FDC flag bearer Plan Virginia Mugyenyi.

FDC’s Virginia canvass for votes yesterday

He advised the FDC youths to form groups of ten members each group and start monitoring different parts of municipality to curb the rigging of votes.
“They hired Bright Rwamirama and Rweyeshera because they know how to beat, let us leave them to beat us using sticks and we punish them with votes to win them. Make groups of ten members each group and you go together that in case you find someone bribing voters, we do it for her or him because we are seriously tired of NRM humiliation,” advised Mwijukye.

FDC’s Virginia promised to offer employment opportunities to NRM members who were defeated in their party primaries especially Kamukama and Mwebesa once she wins the elections.

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