Dott Services Car Knocked My Son Dead & Paid Me A Paltry UGX 7M As Burial Expenses-Father Cries For Justice!

Dott Services Car Knocked My Son Dead & Paid Me A Paltry UGX 7M As Burial Expenses-Father Cries For Justice!

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: A Fort Portal based businessman, John Tinka Kaguma Adyeeri has threatened to drag Dott Services Ltd, its filthy rich directors and their driver identified as Kasadha Haggai to court for reportedly negating their responsibility when their car knocked his son Patrick Mugume, aged 34 yrs dead on January, 6, 2023, in Mukono and later, allegedly refused to compensate the family.

According to documents seen by this website, Dott services is liable to compensate the victim/victims because of their company driver who wrongly drove from the wrong lane at a reckless speed and ended up causing the death.

”Wherefore; the deceased at the time of his death was a sole bread winner of his family members and therefore the plaintiff prays for the judgment to be entered against the Defendants jointly and severally for the general damages and costs of the suit be awarded” reads part of the documents filed by Byamukama, Kaboneke & Co. Advocates.

However, it’s now two yrs and the father was just being rotated around at their Naguru offices on empty promises.

Tinka’s lawyers assert that the driver of Motor Vehicle Reg. No. UBL808Q demonstrated negligence in various ways, including:

  • Failing to keep to his lawful side at the road.
  • Failing to steer, manage, control or stop the vehicle or in any other way to avoid colliding with the deceased’s vehicle.
  • Driving at a speed which was reckless and/or excessive in the circumstances.
  • Failing and or refusing to obey the high way code.
  • Failing to drive in a reasonable manner to avoid doing anything reasonably foreseen would cause risk or injury to others.

According to police report, the car (Isuzu) Reg. no. UBL 808Q which belongs to Dott Services Ltd was being driven by the company driver identified as Kasadha Haggai when he knocked Mugume, who was reportedly on foot at the time of the incident. 

Post-mortem report from Mulago Hospital.

According to our Spy at URSB, Dott Services Ltd is owned by very powerful individuals some of which are high ranking army serving officials (names withheld).

Late Patrick Mugume’s father, Tinka is reportedly bitter because after the burial of his son, the company head of legal team reportedly sat and agreed on an amicable solution where by they committed to pay shs50m to look after the education of the two young orphans, 2 and 3 yrs old respectively, their two mothers and other demands that Mugume was providing.

However, all commitments have not been fulfilled and Tinka now is seeking justice for his deceased son or at least benefits for Mugume’s immediate family members.

Dott Services Responds:

Finally, after several trials invain, our reporter managed to get a response from one of the top managers of the Company, Mr Kazoora, who pledged to follow up the matter on Monday and ensure it’s handled to its logical conclusion. “The family lawyer was supposed to sign a consent agreement with our lawyer, which hasn’t yet happened. Secondly, the father was asked for some proof paperwork to prove that he’s the biological father to the late, which hasn’t been submitted, I think there’s a document he’s supposed to get from NIRA, Dott Services on the issues of humanity has never lacked empathy, we always prioritize such issues and equity. There might be a delay but surely it will solved, Kazoora told our reporter on Friday.

Kazoora also dismissed claims by the father of the late that the company had a hand in the release of the key suspect (driver) from Police, who later escaped. “Let me tell you why it’s not true. First of all, we’re the ones who arrested our own driver and handed him over to police. We delivered him our selves. We were surprised to find out that he was released without our knowledge too. We actually complained to police ourselves. Because this was a matter of personal negligence, it has nothing to do with the company responsibility apart from the fact that the car belongs to the company. So we had handed him over to answer for his mistake. The company would be liable if the car he was driving was not road worthy, or the driver was not qualified to drive that car, let’s say may be if he didn’t have a driving license. What happened was personal mistake, but still, Dott Services took responsibility right from the burial expenses, we’ve been with the family throughout, and we grieve with them,”he added. an accessible web community

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