Electoral Commission Kicks Off Display Of Lists Of Verified Administrative Units Ahead Of Women Council & Committee Elections 

Electoral Commission Kicks Off Display Of Lists Of Verified Administrative Units Ahead Of Women Council & Committee Elections 

By Spy Uganda

Elections of Women Councils and Committee Elections from the Village to National level in 2022, and the Administrative Unit (LC. 1 & LC. 2) have kicked off with the public display of lists of Verified Administrative Units at City Division & Sub-County Headquarters Countrywide.

TheSpy Uganda through its incredible sources at the Electoral Commission has learnt that the Commission will display the lists of verified Administrative Units from Monday 11th April to Wednesday 20th April 2022.

The above has been confirmed by the Electoral Commission mouthpiece, Paul Bukenya, who says; “the display exercise will be conducted during working hours throughout the above period including weekends.”

Bukenya adds that the exercise will be conducted under the direct supervision of the respective Division and Sub-county Elections Supervisors.

For those who didn’t know, the purpose of this display exercise is to:

Enable the public to confirm that only existing Administrative Units (Villages/Cells and Parishes/Wards) and those created by 9th April 2021 by way of a Statutory Instrument are included on the list;

Enable the public to check for the correctness/accuracy of the details of their respective Administrative Units, that is, the Parish/Ward and Village/Cell;

Enable the public to confirm that the Administrative Units are correctly located within their respectful and rightful Sub-county/Town Council/Municipal Division and Parish/Ward;

Enable stakeholders to confirm that all Administrative Units’ Names as listed, that is, City/District, Constituency, Sub-county/Town/Municipal Division, Parish/Ward and Village/Cell) are correctly spelt and written;

Enable the concerned stakeholders to raise objections, if any, to the inclusion and/or omission of a particular Administrative Unit, that is, a Parish/Ward and/or Village/Cell;
The EC says any objection against the inclusion or omission of an Administrative Unit (Village/Cell or Parish/Ward) shall be raised to the respective District/City Returning Officer through the Division/Sub County Supervisor using the forms provided by the Electoral Commission.

“The Electoral Commission will hear and determine any queries and/or objections raised by the public about the inclusion/omission of any Administrative Unit (Village/Cell or Parish/Ward) in accordance with the legal provisions for the creation of administrative units,” Bukenya says.

After the display exercise, the Commission will produce the final list of Administrative Units which will be disseminated to all stakeholders by 13th May 2022.

EC says all persons participating in the display exercise shall be required to comply with guidelines issued by the Electoral Commission in accordance with the Government of Uganda and Ministry of Health measures against the spread of COVID-19.

These measures include observing social distancing, hand washing, and wearing masks.

“The Commission urges all stakeholders to participate in this display exercise to ensure a harmonised list of units that will be used for purposes of organising and conducting the upcoming Women Councils and Committees Elections 2022, and the Administrative Units (LC 1 & LC 2) Elections 2023,” Bukenya says.

Uganda last held elections for Women Councils and Committees in June – August 2018. According to the National Women’s Council Act, the terms of office of the said Councils and Committees is four (4) years, implying their term will elapse in August 2022.

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