Oulanyah’s Son Andrew Ojok Resigns From Juicy NITA-U Job To Vie For Father’s Seat!

Oulanyah’s Son Andrew Ojok Resigns From Juicy NITA-U Job To Vie For Father’s Seat!

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By Spy Uganda

Andrew Ojok Oulanyah, the eldest child and son of the fallen former speaker of Parliament Rt Hon Jacob Oulanyah, has resigned from his well-paying job at National Information Technology Authority (NITA-Uganda), to go into the trenches of Omoro villages in search of replacing his father as the next MP Omoro County.

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Our reliable spy within NITA systems told our reporter that Ojok actually resigned Thursday last week, a day after the burial of his father to enable him to prepare for the task.

“Yes, he resigned on Thursday. He’s been a systems developer. Very intelligent young man. Don’t ask me why he’s resigned, I don’t know his plans, it’s only him who can answer you that question Mr Irumba,” a source in NITA told our spy.

Electoral Commission last week declared the Omoro seat and that of the women council representative vacant upon the death of its MP Oulanyah and the resignation of the woman councilor respectively.

The Commission Secretary, Leonard Mulekwah asked political parties to inform their members that the Commission has approved a program to fill the seat through a by-election.

“Following the death of the Directly Elected Member of Parliament for Omoro County Constituency, Omoro District, Rt. Hon Jacob L’Okori Oulanya and the resignation of the District Woman Councillor Lalogi/Lakwaya and the subsequent notification of the existence of the above vacancies by the Clerk to Parliament and the Chief Administrative Officer, Omora District respectively as required by law, Electoral Commission has approved a program to fill the above vacancies,” reads Mulekwah’s letter to political parties.

Back to Omoro: As we write this now, our spy on the ground in Omoro says Andrew is already meeting sections of opinion leaders including youth groups, religious leaders, traditional leaders, political leaders, and women groupings among others.

Last week, Oulanyah’s brother, Francis Emanu made an announcement at the burial of Oulanyah saying that the deceased’s son is the only fittest candidate to take the Omoro Parliamentary seat.

“I am grateful Jacob left us with his children here. Ojok is a very educated person we would want the Government and the people of Omoro who believe in NRM and otherwise, to know that we are fronting Ojok to take the legacy of his father. We want Ojok to stand and come to the by-election for Omoro. We want your full support. Please, stand with the family and we take this man [Ojok] through. This is my special request for the people of Omoro especially. I know there are people who want to come in, but let’s consider the family, and all that Jacob has done,” he said.

Oulanyah was the Omoro County MP from 2001 to 2005 and then from 2011 until his death.

According to the family, the former Speaker had several plans not only for the constituency but for Omoro District and the northern region that he had yet to fulfill, and they believe that a successor from their family is best placed to fulfill them.

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