English, Maths Most Poorly Performed In 2019 PLE

English, Maths Most Poorly Performed In 2019 PLE

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By Andrew Irumba

Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) has released the 2019 Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) results, which indicate that English and Mathematics were the least performed subjects.

The results were released in a statement by the UNEB executive Secretary Dan Ondongo, at a function held at Dr Sudhir Ruparelia’s Kampala Parents School, which was presided over by First Lady Janet Kataha Museveni, who is also the minister for education and sports.

First Lady Janet Kataha Museveni greets UNEB officials

Odongo’s statement partly reads thus; “Honorable Minister,the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) is pleased topresent to you the statement of results of the 2019 Primary Leaving Examination (PLE)which was conducted smoothly between 4th and 5th November 2019 under the theme: Integrity and Security in the Management to examinations is my responsibility”

First Lady Janet Museveni, also Education Minister, greets UNEB Secretary Dan Odongo


A total of 695,804 candidates from 13,475 centres (schools) registered for PLE in 2019.Of this number, 473,893 (68.2%) were Universal Primary Education (UPE)beneficiaries, and 221,912(31.8%) of the candidates were Non-UPE.Candidature has been increasing by an average of 2.4% over the last five years.

Part of the UNEB statement about PLE results

In 2019,analysis by gender indicated that 336,040(48.3%)boys were registeredcompared to 359,764 (51.7%) girls, indicating that more girls than boys completed the Primary Education cycle. This has been the trend in the last five years.

The Board registered 1,315 learners with special needs of various categories. The blind,the deaf,the physically handicapped and the dyslexics among others. Of these,49.3% are females and 50.7% are males.

In both English and Mathematics performance was poor in questions where candidates were required to apply knowledge in problem solving situations or express themselves freely.
Candidates were more comfortable with questions that are direct and based on recall. This situation has persisted over the years.

Another part of the statement

The reports from examiners, however,indicated that there is an improvement in candidates’ handwriting. Candidates also organized and presented their work more clearly even when the answers are wrong. The number of candidates scoring zero has also reduced greatly compared to previous.

A candidate is deemed to have passed if he/she obtains divisional grades of1,2,3 or4. Such candidates will qualify to register for any post primary examination conductedby UNEB. This year 617,150 candidates passed the PLE compared to 599,593 theprevious year. Overall,therefore,more pupils qualify to join the post primaryinstitutions than the previous year.
Division U(Ungraded)is awarded to candidates who have failed to reach the minimum level of performance that can be awarded at least a Division 4. Such candidates are advised to repeat.

UNEB maintains an examination centre at Uganda Government Upper Prison School. Of the 62 candidates who registered, 56 candidates sat,there was none in Division 1,31obtained Division 2, 19 obtained Division 3, 4 obtained Division 4,and only 2 were ungraded.

The best blind candidate, AINAMANI ARTHUR RWAKITARAfrom Grand MasionPrimary School Nabbingo(Wakiso)obtained Division 1 with an aggregate of 9. The best dyslexic candidates are a female, AHURIRA RHINA from Bwaise Parents Primary School(Kampala) with Division 1, Aggregate 9 and a maleGAEL PARWOT GADI fromVictorious Primary School (Kampala)also aggregate 9,Division 1.

The best deaf candidate is a female PEACE SHARON from Ojipaku Primary School Arua with Aggregate 13,Division2.

The statement also reveals that results will be uploaded on the portal. However,district and municipal inspectors of School can collect hard copies of the results from UNEB offices at Ntinda beginning on17th January 2020 at 3.00p.m.

Parents, candidates and well-wishers are informed that the Board will not issue any results at the headquarters.They are therefore advised to utilize SMS service on mobile networks which will post results  of candidates on their mobile sets instantly.

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