State House Comptroller Disowns Kusasira, Buchaman As M7 Advisers

State House Comptroller Disowns Kusasira, Buchaman As M7 Advisers an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

State House Comptroller, Lucy Nakyobe has dust binned self appointed President Museveni’s ‘Special’ advisors for Kampala and the Ghetto affairs, Catherine Kusasira and Mark Bugembe aka Buchaman respectively.

While speaking to the Presidential Affairs Committee on Friday, Nakyobe said the President was yet to put their appointments in writing and It is for that reason that they are not yet entitled to salary as State House staff.

“As far as I am concerned, their appointment is still a pronouncement by the President that has not yet been put in writing,” Nakyobe told the committee.

Buchaman, Lucy Nakyobe and Catherine Kusasira

Nakyobe and a team from the State house were appearing before the committee to Present the institution’s budget estimate.

From the figures, there were no changes in the amount estimated for Presidential Advisors’ salaries even after the President had appointed a few more in 2019. It was at that point that the MPs on the committee questioned the comptroller on issues to do with salaries of presidential advisors.

Early November 2019, While meeting youth from the slums of Nateete and Kibuye, President Museveni announced the appointment of the two musicians, Kusasira and Buchaman.

The State house comptroller is not the first authority to mention that the two artistes are not entitled to a salary from government.

Two weeks after the President announced their appointment, the Ministry of Public Service made it clear that Kusasira and Buchaman were not civil servants yet and are therefore not entitled to the salary that comes with the position President Museveni offered them. “The appointments are based on one’s social standing, it can be on technical competence, but we have not seen Buchaman and Kusasira’s appointments,” David Karubanga the State Minister for Public service said.

Another artist that could face the same haddle is filthy mouthed Jenifer Nakanguubi aka full figure who was appointed in the same manner having crossed from Bobi Wine’s people power pressure group. an accessible web community

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