Exclusive: 2nd Lockdown Confirmed! Museveni Summons His National COVID-19 Response Team Ahead Of Today’s Cabinet Meeting

Exclusive: 2nd Lockdown Confirmed! Museveni Summons His National COVID-19 Response Team Ahead Of Today’s Cabinet Meeting

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By Spy Uganda

Kampala: After a rapid increase of COVID-19 transmission in Uganda, President Yoweri Museveni is set to address the nation earlier this week meant to announce new measure in a bid to curb the transmission of the virus.

However, the latest information on our desk indicate that President has summoned the National COVID-19 Task Force to educate him on what additional measures can be added in the second lockdown that is yet to be announced. “It’s no longer debatable, the debate is what else to add in the lockdown and how,” a source said.

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According to our sources, President is to meet the committee at 11:00am this morning of Monday.

Our source added that it is no longer doubtable President is in his final arrangements to announce the lockdown not beyond two days from today (Monday).

” I would advise those with plans of leaving or coming to Kampala to do it before close of business tomorrow (Tuesday),” source added.

COURTESY VIDEO NTV: Watch Health Minister Dr.Aceng On 2ND Lockdown.

Our sources also confirmed intercepting a memo last week,in which Ministry of Works and Transport urged all Gov’t health teams to put back their car stickers and those who didn’t have to apply as soon as possible in preparation for second lockdown.

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In the same vein, Western Uganda’s passenger transporters company ‘Global Coaches’ has also issued a statement alerting its clients that they are likely to stop operations this week because of COVID as was discussed in meeting held on Friday.

Global coaches statement reads, ” Good morning travelers we’ve been put on notice- we are most likely to stop operations this week because of COVID.As per the meeting held on Friday. Those who intend to travel should do so with utmost urgency while you still can. Don’t have chances.”

Meanwhile, the President’s decision of re-locking down the country has caused uproar of musicians, political pundits and COVID-19 analysts, and citizens saying Mr.Museveni wants to use the pandemic to lockdown the country purely for 2021 political ‘calculations’.

“If the elections are digital, they’ve already booked over 80% of digital space, and they’re the ones with the money to spend, now if opposition can’t be allowed to hold small rallies because of the lockdown, and can’t equally access media platforms,then it’s automatic that everything is ‘them and for them'” an analyst was quoted this morning.

In addition, musician and President of Uganda Musician Association (UMA) Ykee Benda took the grievance to his twitter handle and tweeted,” People putting themselves on fire and you think this is a joke?? Guys the Govt has had 7 months to find a lasting solution to this problem Camon smthg really doesn’t add up !!!”

The “Boy So Tender” Benda added that anyone who suggests that the country goes back into lock down is the enemy of Uganda. He urged Ugandans to pay attention to the leaders to hold them accountable who shamelessly suggest lockdown to President without any idea of how Ugandans have been going through the lockdown.

He tweeted, “At this point it doesn’t matter the virus or not…it’s time to survive with it . Families are falling apart ,businesses have been closed…my fellow Ugandans if this happens we can’t just obey…..There comes a point in time where a man has nothing to lose.”

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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