Exclusive: NBS TV Demands UGX4.8B From Aljazeera For Relaying Their Content Without Permission

Exclusive: NBS TV Demands UGX4.8B From Aljazeera For Relaying Their Content Without Permission

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By Andrew Irumba

Doha, Qatar: Qatar based International media giant, Aljazeera has been given an ultimatum of up to 14 days to pay USD 1.3m (approx.ugx4.81b) or face legal proceedings for illegally re-laying NBS TV’s 2021 general elections footage/content without permission.

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Caught Red-Handed: Aljazeera Relayed NBS TV 2021 General Elections Content Without Permission

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As if that’s not enough, in a notice dated January 19, 2021, lawyers of Next Media Services Ltd, which manages NBS brand also wants Aljazeera to kneel down, write an apology, take a plane to Kampala from Qatar, and present it to Naguru based media giant’s CEO Kin Kariisa for disturbing his quiet peace when they used their content illegally!

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“The bulletin, posted on the Al Jazeera English YouTube platform on the 16th day of January 2021 dubbed” Uganda’s Museveni declared the winner of the presidential election”, did not acknowledge, give credit or recognise NBS Television Limited as the source, neither did it contain the trademark nor watermark of NBS Television,” reads part of the notice.

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NBS TV Notice Of Intention To Sue To Aljazeera

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Given the level of expertise and experience of Al Jazeera in the media industry, NBS TV says it expected the highest standards of journalistic ethics and professional practices that are internationally recognised by the media industry but to their dismay, they showed high level of unprofessionalism.

“We believe that you need no lecture on the effect and consequence of unauthorised use of intellectual property, reproduction, and representation of legally protected business (content) and the fact that it’s not only illegal and unlawful but also amounts to a violation of the intellectual property rights under national and international laws,” the notice adds.

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As a result, therefore, the management of the swift growing TV in Uganda asserted, “Write a letter of apology to NBS Television Limited and pay a make good compensation for infringement to the tune of USD 1300,000. Should you fail to heed to this demand within 14 days from the date of receipt of this notice, we shall be left with no no option but to seek legal redress or institute legal proceedings against you at your own cost or peril and perpetual regret.”

Keep watching the space because we’re seeking for Al Jazeera’s response on the same!

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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