Exposed: Here Is Boastful ”Gen Saleh’s Son” That Threatened To Shoot Kabuye’s Workers During Eviction Of Errant Spenah Beach Boss

Exposed: Here Is Boastful ”Gen Saleh’s Son” That Threatened To Shoot Kabuye’s Workers During Eviction Of Errant Spenah Beach Boss

By Spy Uganda

On Thursday, Police officers from Aviation Police and Police Field Unit in Entebbe blocked the lawful eviction of Spenah Beach boss a one John Asiimwe who wanted to grab the land that he has been renting for 5 years but last paid rent 2 years ago to his landlord and former Entebbe Mayor Stephen Kabuye.

One of the ”mafias” who reportedly ordered police to halt the lawful eviction is a one Seth Murari who came to the beach bragging as Gen. Salim Saleh’s son.

”He has come here threatening to shoot Kabuye’s workers and ordered Police to immediately halt the eviction which was authorized not only by Court but also by the District Security Committee that was chaired last week by the Entebbe Deputy Resident District Commissioner (D/RDC) Jacqueline Kakunda,” a source who preferred anonymity for personal security revealed.

Boastful Murari bounced back on Friday morning at the beach just minutes after the violence caused by SFC soldiers who swung into action and started beating journalists stopping them from covering the eviction.

Murari who was seen making multiple phone calls…to ”whoever it may concern” later asked Police to get a side, then entered the beach premises where he met some staff of Asiimwe.

From the beach, Murari rushed to his Twitter handle and inked that Kabuye has no right to own a beach on the shores of L.Victoria but netizens were quick to roast him for using a very respectful army officer, General Salim Saleh’s name to process his dubious deals that taint the image of the General who has fought for this country’s peace and security for decades.

”But Spena Beach is on a lake shore, so how does the so-called landlord get a land title? Something is not clear here,” tweeted Murari.

One of the furious netizens could not wait to blast Murari; ”But Mr Seth Murali, yesterday (Thursday) you came on the ground with John’s brother & threatened to shoot Kabuye’s workers, you alleged that you’re son to Gen Salim Saleh.

This morning, (Friday) you, Mr Seth, came back and now claimed you’re a business partner to Mr John. As of now, the person with the title is Kabuye, where and how he got it, is a matter for another day. You’re a tenant and the agreement ended 2yrs ago, leave sir.”

Pictorial Of Murari At Spenah Beach On Thursday & Friday Trying To Stop Lawful Eviction Of Kabuye’s Errant Tenant Asiimwe an accessible web community

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