Facts! Here Is Why Christians Don’t Eat Red Meat On Easter Sunday

Facts! Here Is Why Christians Don’t Eat Red Meat On Easter Sunday


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For ages, Christians have avoided eating meat on Easter Sunday. Many individuals, devout or not, continue to eat solely fish on this day.

Every year, millions of people around the world observe the tradition of eating fish on Easter. Just like chocolate eggs and the Easter bunny, it’s a staple of the holiday season, although the tradition dates back far further.

In truth, many Christians, particularly Catholics, abstain from eating meat on Sundays. This tradition has a strong religious component to it.


Why Shouldn’t You Eat Meat On Easter Sunday?

Many people honour Easter Sunday by abstaining from foods containing red meat. Only a few people are aware of the underlying cause for the prohibition of this food. (https://www.sullivansusa.net/)

The reason for this is that it is Holy Sunday. Because remembering the death and suffering of Jesus of Nazareth is a significant part of Christianity’s legacy, for this reason, the Catholic Church urges its adherents not to eat red meat.

In reality, the theory of not eating red meat on Easter stems from the Catholic Church saying that red meat represents the crucified body of Christ.

According to Catholic abstinence law, Catholics 14 years of age and older are not permitted to eat meat on Fridays during the 40-day period preceding Easter Sunday.

Other reasons for not partaking in these meats include their connection to festivities and feasts. This date is more of a commemoration of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice made by his followers.

Additionally, many cultures believed that red meat was an unnecessary extravagance and should be avoided during the Holy Week. In honour of Jesus, the goal is to preserve the attitude of modesty and meekness among Christians.


However, in some regions of the world, they refrain from eating all forms of meat and animal products, including red meat and white meat.


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