FDC Unleashes ‘Deadly Carders’ To Kill Off Bobiwine’s People Power

FDC Unleashes ‘Deadly Carders’ To Kill Off Bobiwine’s People Power


By Ronald Nahabwe

After holding the National Executive Committee (NEC) emergency meeting on Wednesday, Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party has unleashed a ‘deadly’ team which will wipe out the recently named People Power countrywide coordinators.

After losing Hoima and Kaboong Woman MP by-elections, FDC party has decided to distance themselves from People Power, which is led by Kyandondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi aka BobiWine, who is determined to oust the old regime of bush war heroes.

After Bobi Wine announced his coordinators to garner him grass root support for presidential elections ahead of 2021, FDC’s National Executive Committee, which is the administrative organ of the party comprising 86 members, chaired by the party President Hon. Eng. Patrick Oboi Amuriat, has also released their team to also start immediate grass root mobilization.


Imbrahim Semujju, the party spokesperson, revealed Monday that the National Executive Committee (NEC) resolved that general mobilization which includes meeting of FDC grassroots leadership, recruitment of new members and meeting the public should be re-enforced.

“For purpose of this mobilization, FDC divided the country into seven regions and appointed teams to lead this new mobilization drive.” Semujju said.

He added that “The constitutional changes arising from the satanic Raphael Magyezi Bill, have affected our Roadmap as they have brought forward nominations of the president and Members of Parliament. The presidential nominations according to the EC are scheduled for August next year. (https://www.apolloclinic.com/) The FDC organs will discuss whether internal elections are brought forward or postponed until after the general elections.”

Below is the list of appointed coordinators

Karamoja: This will be led by Secretary General Hon. Nathan Nandala Mafabi who will be assisted by Hon. Geoffrey Ekanya.

Buganda Will be led by Owek. Joyce Nabbosa Ssebugwo, Hon. Michael Kabaziguruka, Hon. Ibrahim Kasozi, Hon. Mubaraka Munywagwa and Hon. Ssemujju Ibrahim Nganda, Amb. Wasswa Biriggwa among others
Eastern Uganda: Will be led by the Party President Eng. Hon. Patrick Amuriat, Hon. Ekanya Geoffrey, Hon. Salaamu Musumba and Hon. Philip Wafula Oguttu.

Ankole/Kigezi. Will be led by Hon. Jack Sabiiti, Hon. Roland Mugume Kaginda, Hon. Francis Mwijukye, Ms. Ingrid Turinawe and Ms Virginia Plan Mugyenyi
Bunyoro/Toro/Rwenzori: Will be led by Hon. Toterebuka Bamwenda, Mr. Tugume Moses and Hon. William Nzoghu.


Acholi Lango: Will be led by Hon. P.P. Okin Ojara, Hon. Okumu Reagan, Hon. Betty Aol, Hon. Aciro Lucy, Hon. Acire Christopher, Hon. AKello Franca Judith and Hon. Judith Franka

West Nile: Will be led by Hon. Hassan Kaps Fungaroo, Hon. Oguzu Lee Denis and Hon. Emmanuel Ongiertho.

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