Final match to State House: Dr.Besigye launches ‘Tubalemese’ Campaign to Kickout Museveni, alternative Cabinet to be sworn in!

Final match to State House: Dr.Besigye launches ‘Tubalemese’ Campaign to Kickout Museveni, alternative Cabinet to be sworn in! an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

After losing the battle against the Age Limit bill using  ‘Togikwatako’ campaign, 4 time presidential candidate Rtd.Col.Dr.Kizza Warren Kifefe Besigye has launched a new campaign dubbed ‘Tubalemese’ which is translated as ‘Let’s fail them’, which he says will help Opposition achieve their ultimate goal of muscling power out of Uganda’s longest serving president ever Gen.Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who has led Uganda for 31 years now!

Under ‘Tubalemese campaign’, Opposition says they will boycott companies run and owned by the ruling party members,NRM.

“We shall bring down this junta without throwing a stone” said Besigye.

A fuming Besigye said he will soon swear in members of his ‘People’s government’ as one of the activities to disable the ruling regime after the presidential age limit was passed into an Act of Parliament which was marred with violence.

Addressing journalists at his offices on Katonga road in Kampala, Dr Besigye said his government will serve the interests of Ugandans since the MPs in the 10th Parliament have betrayed the citizens.

He said they will set up the national and regional assemblies most especially in the districts where the 317 MPs who voted in favour of the constitution amendment come from.

“Real aspirations of Ugandans shall be discussed in these assemblies and the regime will go down,” he added.

He also said that all Ugandans should confront the 317 Judas (MPs), boycott their businesses, protect their land and ensure that LC1 elections are conducted free and fairly.

It’s not the first time for Dr.Besigye to announce his ‘people’s cabinet. After the 2016 controversial elections, Besigye controversially ‘took oath’ as the ‘people’s Government, this has hardly worked.

After the controversial presidential repeat elections Raila Odinga rallied his supporters across country to boy-cot all Uhuru Kenyatta and supporters products and services. This caused dismissal of a giant telecom company in Kenya when sales dwindled terribly. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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