Britania opens outlet at Factory to meet customer demands, Shop to sale at Factory price.

Britania opens outlet at Factory to meet customer demands, Shop to sale at Factory price. an accessible web community

By Samuel Opio

Britania Allied Industries Ltd, makers of natural fresh fruit juice-Splash have in a bid to meet customer demands this 2018 opened up an outlet that will sale all their products at factory price.

In an exclusive interview with our reporter at their head office in Ntinda Industrial area, a Kampala suburb the company’s new General Manager Sales & Marketing Mr.Ritesh Rajnikant revealed this was done to ease customers who endure jam in town running to Kikubo or distributors to queue up for their favorite various products. “If you’ve been to Kikubo jam or you’ve driven to your nearest distributor and failed to get your full order because the distributor delayed to re-stock his store or he told you the truck is on the way from the factory then you know what it means going to the source”, Said Mr.Ritesh

Britania’s new General Manager  Sales & Marketing Mr.Ritesh Rajnikant (R) chats away our reporter Andrew Irumba after the exclusive interview at their Head Offices in Ntinda on Monday.

Apart from cutting the hassle one goes through trekking to Kikubo for the same, customers are to save more money from the discount prices accustomed with avoiding ‘middle men’. Secondly, the prices will be more fearer because the company has cut off the cost of transport it would incur taking the same to kikubo or Distributors,since this cost is now being met by the customer. Just imagine a trader in Ntinda has been going to Kikubo to buy what they left in their neighborhood!” added Mr.Ritesh.

Other than their trade mark 150ml,250ml and 1Ltr Splash, Britania also produces Top-Up sauces, Sun-Sip,Yo-jus and variety Biscuits among others. an accessible web community

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