FUFA’s Communication Challenges Were Curbed By Magogo’s Strong Leadership-Report

FUFA’s Communication Challenges Were Curbed By Magogo’s Strong Leadership-Report

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Kampala: According to a report about Magogo’s achievements, in 2013, FUFA embarked on a journey to archive all its content for FUFA events in form of visuals, photography and text for future reference.

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1-Content Creation

The initial stages of Eng. Moses Magogo’s leadership as FUFA President witnessed challenges of unavailability of content about FUFA events.

Initiatives to produce specific videos for educational purposes, highlighting stories about developments and achievements at FUFA have also been produced with particular reference to videos on Club Pro Agenda, Club Licensing, the three-Tier FUFA Complex and updated story of FUFA and its Development Programmes.

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Stories about FUFA in the various national publications are also collected daily for storage. FUFA’s on and off-pitch events are now streamed, recorded, produced and content stored for future use.

2-Digital Media
The once less active FUFA social media platforms have now grown into respectable platforms with growing numbers making the federation a top brand on digital media in the country and region.

Efforts were made to increase aggregate numbers by having all accounts verified with blue ticks which help local and international media to use information from these platforms as authentic.

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The FUFA Facebook account (Federation of Uganda Football Associations-FUFA), Twitter account (@OfficialFUFA), Uganda Cranes Facebook Account (Uganda Cranes), Uganda Cranes Twitter account (@UgandaCranes) are all verified by the intentional business account holders.

The aggregate numbers on all FUFA social media platforms in 2013 were less than 12,000 followers but now stand at 754,000 followers.

The FUFA TV on YouTube has all the content of FUFA events streamed. It is visited by many football followers who use the content for reference purposes.

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FUFA also created a Social Media Manual that requires all its 34 members and participants of the FUFA organized events to join the digital world in a bid to improve followings on various football platforms.

3-Conventional Media
FUFA has strengthened its relationship with the 4th estate since the start of the current FUFA President’s tenure in 2013. The media has provided platforms unconditionally for coverage of FUFA events. Media visits, use of acquired space in print media and online have helped FUFA to explain topical issues to enlighten the public more about the institution.

Graduating from one column back then in 2013, FUFA now runs specific columns in the Daily Monitor, Red pepper, Observer and Bukedde who have provided the space at no cost for FUFA to share its achievements and challenges with the football family.

4-FUFA-Media Relations
FUFA’s engagement started with the media in the last seven years has been through the Uganda Sports Press Association.

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There was misconnection and poor relations between the media and FUFA in 2013. However, this gave Magogo the chance to hold meetings and hear from them about any challenges they faced while covering FUFA activities.

It paid off as FUFA improved on how to provide first-hand information to the media and special press
conferences were held to share key information.

FUFA also introduced the production of our own audios, videos and images to share with the rest of the media
for public consumption.

Once Magogo Re-elected, The Federation Plans;
 Re-design the FUFA website fufa.co.ug to meet e-commerce standards and registration of football fans interested in FUFA activities, services and products
 Start FUFA Museum to archive and avail FUFA and Ugandan football history online
 Create new social media platforms
 Launch FUFA App to act as a one-stop center for FUFA data

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