Full Address: Museveni Makes Tough Vows Against ADF Rebels, Clarifies On Killed UPDF Solidiers

Full Address: Museveni Makes Tough Vows Against ADF Rebels, Clarifies On Killed UPDF Solidiers


By Spy Uganda

Rwakitura: President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni last night delivered his end of year message which on thereother hand a national address on COVI-19 that saw him reopening the economy in a staggered manner with tight conditions.

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Based at his country home in Rwakitura, Western Uganda, Museveni also informed Ugandans of the progress of UPDF troops in DRC where they are ”hunting” ADF rebels saying UPDF, FARDC recently launched devastating attacks on Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) that left a couple of terrorists dead.

The UPDF launched military strikes against ADF after the ISIL linked terror group carried out suicide bombings in Kampala, leaving 8 people, including 3 attackers, dead.

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Museveni said after repairing the Semuliki road, the UPDF advanced to Semliki bridge camp before continuing to Kambi Ya Yua which the Allied forces occupied after “light resistance.”

“In all these operations, UPDF did not lose a single soldier by enemy action,” said Museveni.

“The two soldiers who died, Pte. Lugingi Nicholas and Pte. Kapulyaka Mustafa by names died on account of self-inflicted accidental self-injury,” he said adding;

”One, on account of an RPG that was loaded and corked and the other one, from MGLs (Multiple Grenade Launchers) fired while in the middle of trees.  They had not been thoroughly briefed. (https://www.chargedretail.co.uk/) ”

Museveni vowed to hunt down all the ADF terrorists wherever they are hiding.

“If the Congolese Government allows us, we shall hit them even if they go up to Kisangani or beyond. Their only choice is to surrender so that the people of Congo and Uganda have peace, and these terrorists also get rehabilitated and learn to live and earn an honest living in the four Sectors of commercial agriculture, industries, services and ICT instead of being parasites on the population,” he said.

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