Full Condolence Message: Pope Francis Praises Late Arch. Emeritus of Tororo Odongo For His Mega Contribution To Catholic Church

Full Condolence Message: Pope Francis Praises Late Arch. Emeritus of Tororo Odongo For His Mega Contribution To Catholic Church


By Frank Kamuntu

Kampala, Rubaga: In a brief message delivered at a requiem mass at Rubaga on Sunday by Apostolic Nuncio to Uganda Italian Archbishop Luigi Bianco, Pope Francis sent heartfelt condolences to the catholic clergy over the death of Archbishop of Tororo Emmanuel Obbo.

Burial Arrangements For Arch. James Odongo
✳ Dec 6 – Requiem Mass Lubaga Cathedral 3.30pm
✳ Dec 7 – Body St. Austin, Mbale 3pm
✳ Dec 8 – Requiem Mass St Austin 12.00pm
✳ Dec 8 – Body Cathedral Tororo 4pm
✳ Dec 9 – Mass of Christian burial Uganda Martyrs Cathedral Tororo 12pm

The Archbishop of Kampala Cyprian Kizito Lwanga noted the key highlights of the life of James Odongo, which included the fact that as a young 34-year-old, he was just the fourth Ugandan Archbishop to attend the Vatican Council hence Pope Francis’ condolence  message; “United with you in prayer, and thanksgiving for the long service of Odongo in Uganda.”


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Lwanga said Archbishop Odongo’s legacy stems from his participation in the Second Vatican Council in Rome in 1965 that marked the transformation of the Church all over the world bringing the changes of how mass is conducted.

“In mass today, the priest faces the congregation.  It was not always like that, all our altars were up there, and we were facing the cross on the wall. Today, as a result of the Second Vatican Council, the bishops emulated Christ at the last Super, where he faced his disciples,” he said in his homily.

Archbishop of Kampala Kizito Lwanga also hailed Archbishop Odongo for his leading role in the formation of Centenary Bank in 1983. He led the delegation to meet the then President Milton Obote to make a case for the formation of the church bank and provided leadership in its formation, and the building of the new headquarters at Mapeera House.

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“We thank God for the gift of Archbishop Odongo’s success story,” he said but warned that God reminds humans of their destiny in many ways, including in the passing away of a person like Odongo.

“As long as we come from God, we all have to die. Even those who are powerful, or kill others, hence the 5th commandment, God commands ‘thou shalt not kill’. It is evil, and we are hearing a lot of killing lately,” he said. (https://bluffsrehab.com) ” I warn whoever is doing it to stop it.”


Archbishop Emeritus of Tororo James Odongo, 89, passed on last week on December 4, 2020, at Nsambya Hospital and mass of Christian burial will be held on Wednesday, December 9, 2020, at Uganda Martyrs Cathedral, Tororo at 12:00pm followed by interment.


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