Full Interview: President Museveni’s Life Is In Critical Danger If He Doesn’t Jump Out Of Covidex Saga-Lawyer Alenyo

Full Interview: President Museveni’s Life Is In Critical Danger If He Doesn’t Jump Out Of Covidex Saga-Lawyer Alenyo

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By Spy Uganda

Kampala: According to an international Lawyer George William Alenyo, although some Ugandans think Covidex is a solution for the global pandemic, it is more of harm than good to Ugandan leader President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni based on the foreign pressure that resists Africans’ inventions.

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”Many African leaders are being killed while in their move to discover Covid vaccines, and that is why Museveni should eliminate himself from this Covidex saga, stands as a clean man and leaves the battle between Mbarara University & Professor Ogwang-otherwise he should know WHO is not happy with his support towards the drug,” says Counsel Alenyo.

Counsel Alenyo further states that without any doubt, he believes some African leaders have been killed due to their resistance to the World Health Health Organization’s policies.

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”From the bottom of my heart, I believe that Former Tanzanian President, John Pombe Magufuli was killed due to his antagonism against WHO. He antagonized WHO on several occasions from Ebola to Covid and of course, they had to silence him because he was becoming a burden to their motives something that I don’t want my President Museveni to fall into,” he added.

Asked by TheSpy Uganda’s investigative reporter, Andrew Irumba Live whether Prof. Ogwang is the next target of WHO due to his invention of Covidex, Alenyo answered that it may not be Ogwang but the President who is the head of the state where the vaccine has been invented from.

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”Museveni must-watch out, When Madagascar President launched Covid drug, it is not him who invented but he gave the state capacity and supported the inventors and later Magufuli made a purchase of the same drug which angered WHO and that was the genesis of his death, but also you should now check Madagascar’s Covid upheaval, it is shocking and all resulted from the resistance of their drug by WHO,” Alenyo added.

Alenyo further warns that everyone should reflect on WHO’s country director in Uganda’s statement whom he quoted as saying in Mbarara thus; ”We were not involved in the trials and so we don’t recommend this Covidex because it didn’t go through clinical trials.”

Alenyo says everyone should not take such statements for granted noting that on the same centre in Mbarara, after WHO’s warning on Covidex, they recommended nine others drugs in Africa but emphasized that they could not recommend Covidex that didn’t go through the clinical trials.

 Click On Link For Court Documents On Alenyo Vs Prof Ogwang Case

”So the president has fallen into the trap without understanding, due to the greed by statehouse mafias who mislead him,” says Alenyo before adding, ”I was shocked when Ogwang went live in an interview to say that the security was given to him by the president, please stop that, you’re endangering our President, you’re bringing him on direct confrontation with WHO and New World Order that indirectly overthrew former US President Donald Trump and that’s why am fighting this Covidex because I mind about my President’s safety.”

Court Documents On Alenyo’s Covidex Case

Meanwhile, it is worth noting that as we report this, Lawyer Alenyo is battling Prof. Patrick Ogwang Engeu, 12 other government agencies in court on a couple of accusations all rotating around Covidex drug.

The twelve (12) include; National Drug Authority(NDA), Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS), National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), National Forestry Authority(NFA), Mbarara University of Science and Technology(MUST), Uganda Registration and Services Bureau (URSB), Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda, Jena Herbals Uganda Limited (Prof Ogwanga’s alleged company), Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), Natural Chemotherapeutics Research Institute, Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), The Attorney General and Prof.Ogwang himself.

Meanwhile, in our previous editions, we discovered that Lawyer Alenyo was joined in the suit by the Christian Chamber of Commerce, Agriculture, Industry, Trade and Tourism which seeks to fight criminality, corruption and to promote access to companies data worldwide so as to enable people to know who they are working with or working for.

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