Gunmen Murder, Rob Two Female  Mobile Money Dealers

Gunmen Murder, Rob Two Female  Mobile Money Dealers an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Zzana: Two female mobile money dealers were shot dead by armed robbers in Zana, off Entebbe Road, on Monday night.

The deceased have been identified as Harriet Naluwadde 33 and her employee, Moreen Nakabubi 25. Patrick Onyango, the Kampala Metropolitan police spokesman, confirmed the incident and said that “The ladies were gunned down shortly after closing their mobile money shop and were attacked on their way home.”

Good Samaritans carry the body away

Onyango also revealed that the armed robbers who shot the victims dead before robbing them of an unspecified amount of money were five and were riding on three motorcycles. However, although Onyango didn’t describe the attires the thugs were wearing, eyewitnesses  revealed to this website that they were putting on military camouflage.  Residents however revealed that this was not the first time Naluwadde was being attacked. They said that she was a survivor of mobile money attacks in 2015 where over 13 people were killed in Wakiso and Kampala district.

Locals at the scene shortly after the shooting

Onyango says police will check its records to understand how investigations into Naluwadde’s attack in 2015 were conducted and concluded. She was shot in the thighs back then and was operated in hospital. She resumed her mobile money business after healing. The incident in Zzana happened about 500M from the newly installed Closed Circuit Television cameras  (CCTV) security cameras. However, investigators say the thugs seem to have monitored the area and were sure the cameras couldn’t capture the scene.  This however comes a few days after armed thugs attacked Cheap General Hardware in Nansana Municipality, Wakiso district, where they murdered three workers people and made off with Shs300M.  The police are still hunting for the thugs in both the Nansana and now Zzana incidents.

See Video here:

Locals carrying the body of one of the victims an accessible web community an accessible web community

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