Health Crisis Looms In Minister Tumwesigye’s Home Town Due To Contaminated Water Sources

Health Crisis Looms In Minister Tumwesigye’s Home Town Due To Contaminated Water Sources an accessible web community

By Michael Atwakiire

 Sheema: A severe health crisis is looming in Kabwohe town, which is the heart of Sheema district and home town to Hon. Elioda Tumwesigye, the Minister for Science innovation and Technology, because of the contaminated Water sources, which are likely to expose people to waterborne diseases like Cholera, dysentery among others.

Although people of Kabwohe have tried to protect themselves from being infected with the deadly COVID-19, locals contend that they are likely to be killed by waterborne diseases, due to lack of access to safe water.

Chairperson LC V David Kabigumira David with South Korean donor Rev. Kim Peter Shin Hwan

The most affected people are those who stay in the town suburbs of Kyangabukama, Omukyembaata and Katanga zone, where water sources are in a worrying state, because of being mixed with sewage.

 Our reporter found out that some water sources in form of wells or springs are located near toilets, like the one in Katanga zone, while others are so filthy that they can easily be mistaken for puddles where animals drink from.

We have learnt that as a way of rescuing the people, Sheema district LC V Chairman Canon David Kabigumira lobbied some assistance from South Korea through his political advisor in charge of development and external relations, Rev. Kim Peter Shin Hwan, who pledged to construct safe water sources in form of taps and boreholes in the area.

Kim Peter expressed worry about how people survive while using contaminated water for domestic use but pledged to extend support after COVID-19 lockdown is lifted.

It should be noted that most political leaders in the area have turned a blind eye about the people’s plight despite continued reminders about the deplorable conditions they are living in.

However, our efforts to contact Minister Tumwesigye for a comment about the matter were futile since he couldn’t pick our calls, probably due to official duties. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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