‘You Will Be Penalised For Not Wearing Face Masks To Fight COVID’-Health Min. Aceng

‘You Will Be Penalised For Not Wearing Face Masks To Fight COVID’-Health Min. Aceng

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By Spy Uganda

The Minister for Health Dr Jane Ruth Aceng has warned Ugandans that they will suffer dire consequences if they are caught not wearing masks as the country grapples with the fight against Coronavirus (COVID-19).

This revelation was made by Dr Aceng during her televised Ministerial Address about COVID-19 on Thursday, in which she cautioned all Ugandans to wear face masks whenever they are in public places so as to avoid being caught on the wrong side of the law by enforcement officers.

“You should wear face masks at all times when in public places. All those found not wearing masks will be penalized and denied access to public places. Refusing to wear a face mask is in breach of Statutory Instrument S-1: 55 of 2020,” she said.

She added that masks were for the own good and the good of the rest of the population because they prevent the spread of COVID-19 through mouth and nose droplets.

The Minister also revealed that people will have to wear masks when talking to visitors at their homes and those who sneeze or cough must wear them at all times, whether at home or in public places.

The public places include supermarkets, arcades, banks, offices, workplaces, factories, public transports means, markets, schools, government offices, hospitals, etc.

Commenting about home-made masks, the Minister, who explained that there are both medical and non-medical masks, she also revealed that all home-made masks must have two layers with a filter in the middle made of either  propylene or tissue paper.

She advised all Ugandans who use home-made masks to always wash them every evening and iron them when they dry before reusing. Dr Aceng also sternly warned people to desist from borrowing masks and to handle  with hygiene or else they risk contracting more infections from them.

President Museveni, during his 14th National Address on COVID-19, issued a directive requiring all Ugandans to wear masks when in public places as one of the ways of fighting Coronavirus.

He also revealed  that the Ministry of Health will be distributing free masks made by Nytil to all Ugandans during  the course of  the next two weeks,  which will necessitate the reopening of schools and use of public transport.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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