Here Is Why Former Gambia Dictator Yahya Jammeh Will Die Like A Pauper

Here Is Why Former Gambia Dictator Yahya Jammeh Will Die Like A Pauper

By Spy Uganda Correspondent

Banjul: Just like it is said that ‘Too Much Of Everything Is Always Bad”, Yahya Abdul-Aziz Jemus Junkung Jammeh Gambian former President of is among the famous African presidents who moved his country from insecurity to total poverty through acquiring huge debts not to boost country’s development or that of his people but to facilitate his luxurious life and his untouchable family.

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But of course, as it is believed that time is the best judge, the dictator later collapsed after losing the leadership to his closest rival an opposition coalition leader and real estate developer Adama Barrow on December 1, 2016, an election that came as a shock to many who witnessed his disputed victories in 2001, 2006, and 2011.

It is believed that his constantly strained relationship with the sole neighbouring country of Senegal, was a big blow to his collapse.

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Many Gambians and the West African regional body ECOWAS in January 2017 heaved a sigh of relief when Jammeh agreed to step down and go into exile in Equatorial Guinea.

Therefore, after losing the control of the country which he ruled as his family, it was the beginning of his dark life as the new government in a bid to curb the huge debts acquired during his over the two-decade rule, started selling several planes and a fleet of luxury cars he had purchased during his dictatorship regime.

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“The fleet of expensive vehicles at State House and the three planes bought by former president Yahya Jammeh have been put on sale,” Finance Minister Amadou Sanneh said in 2017. “My ministry will soon start publicizing sales.”

Reports state that a fleet of vehicles, including several Rolls-Royces with his name embroidered in their red leather headrests, were left behind on the tarmac and its what the new government started with on the sale.

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After leaving office, his assets were frozen by many countries and he went into exile. In addition to charges of corruption and human rights violations, he was also accused of having raped a number of young women.

Reports assert that Jammeh, during his tenure, amassed wealth while his people largely lived in poverty despite him stealing millions of dollars from the country’s coffers to fund a life of luxury. an accessible web community

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