‘I’m Not Behind Gerald Kiweewa’s Arrest, Mafias Using Police To Tarnish My Name As Usual’-Nantaba

‘I’m Not Behind Gerald Kiweewa’s Arrest, Mafias Using Police To Tarnish My Name As Usual’-Nantaba


By Spy Reporter

Former Minister Aidah Elios Nantaba, who is also the Kayunga District Woman Member of Parliament, has denied allegations that she is behind the arrest of popular musician Gerald Kiweewa of the ‘Egali Ekozeko’ fame.

Kiweewa was arrested by police on Thursday over allegations of releasing a song which, according to Kampala Metropolitan Police mouthpiece Patrick Onyango, allegedly disturbed the quiet peace of gorgeous MP Aidah Nantaba.

However, although police has been insisting through Onyango that Nantaba was behind Kiweewa’s arrest after complaining to Police, she has since distanced herself and refuted such allegations, before she added that those were the works of the mafia group trying to use police ‘as usual’ to tarnish her good name.


Nantaba actually revealed that she enjoys Kiweewa, Bobi Wine (‘Aida’ and ‘Specioza’) and Hilderman’s (‘Amelia’) songs.

“In fact, artistes sooth our souls and minds, I personally enjoy their songs,” Nantaba said last night.

Nantaba revealed this during an interview on a local television station, where she said that there is no reason why she has to drag an artiste to police who only channeled his message through a song.

“If Kiweewa finds using the name Nantaba in his songs one of the ways through which he can bring food to the table for his family, l have no problem with him,” Nantaba said.

She added that; “I don’t have ownership of the name ‘Nantaba’ because more than 10,000 people in the country are called so. Before Kiweewa, many musicians have sung about the name, like Bobi Wine sang about Specioza,”Nantaba said. (https://casadelninobilingual.com/)

The legislator noted that she is currently in Kayunga and has spent a long time without going to any police station in Uganda.

“Let police tell the world who reported the case, what’s the case file number and where was the case registered from,” Nantaba tasked Police.


However, Nantaba expressed discontent with some musicians whom she faulted for blaming her of being behind Kiweewa’s arrest even before they could hear her side. She actually mentioned one of them being Sophie Gombya.

“It was wrong for the musicians’ team led by Sophie Gombya to attack me before hearing my side,” she retorted.

This comes at a time when Radio Simba’s Bizonto comedians are in detention after being arrested by operatives from the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) over allegations of recording and sharing a video on social media which purportedly promotes sectarianism and tribalism.

Nantaba is former State Minister for Information and Communications Technology (ICT). She was appointed to that position on 6 June 2016.

Prior to that, from 15 August 2012 until 6 June 2016, she was Minister of State for Lands in the Cabinet of Uganda. She is also a very close friend of Mityana Municipality Member of Parliament Francis Zaake Butebi. Watch the space…..

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