Incorruptible Col Nakalema Is Back! Appointed Head Of State House’s Investors’ Protectorate Unit

Incorruptible Col Nakalema Is Back! Appointed Head Of State House’s Investors’ Protectorate Unit

By Spy Uganda

HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has appointed Incorruptible Col Edith Nakalema the new head of the State House Investors’ Protectorate Unit.

Nakalema is among the highly trained UPDF officers having recently passed out by President Museveni dubbed Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, after completing a one-year training course at the newly-established National Defence College in Jinja.

Before going for the above mentioned training, Nakalema handed the ‘old’ State House Anti Corruption Unit currently headed by Brig Gen Henry Isoke.

Prior to the above, Nakalema had also graduated in August 2018 from the Higher Command and Staff Course at the Joint Services Command and Staff College, in Watchfield, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, where she had been admitted in 2017.

Meanwhile, Museveni has on several occasions warned corrupt officials saying Uganda would be far in terms of development if it wasn’t those ‘parasites’.

“These are the ones interfering with your future. They are the ones disturbing investors, asking for bribes and delayed decision-making which raise the cost of doing business in Uganda,” he said.

Museveni believes that his government is not a failing system, but a growing system that could be faster if it was not for the corruption and the colonial mentality of some of the civil servants and some members of the political class.

”In other words, the progress could have been much faster and will be faster once we deal with the obstacles. Who has been responsible for the growth? Three players: the UPDF; the wealth creators (the farmers, the manufacturers, the service providers); and the infrastructure builders,” said Museveni. Congratulations from us at Spy Uganda. an accessible web community

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