Brig Gen Daniel Kakono Takes Over Command Of Artillery Division

Brig Gen Daniel Kakono Takes Over Command Of Artillery Division

By Spy Uganda 

Following completion of the Course at the National Defence College – Uganda (NDC-U), Brigadier General Daniel Kakono has been reappointed as Commander Field Artillery Division and taken over command and control from the caretaker Colonel Poly Ouma who had been in the office for the last one and a half year.

Presiding at the function, the Chief of Defence Forces, General Wilson Mbasu Mbadi congratulated the incoming Commander of the Artillery Division for successfully completing National Defence College, a course that gives the capacity of analyzing the general situation of the country, provide solutions for the national development and handling security challenges.

“I have trust in you to command the division professionally, efficiently with an accountable force to deliver for the development of the country,” said Gen Mbadi.

He thanked the caretaker Col Poly Ouma and his team for numerous positive achievements registered coupled with good leadership exhibited during his time in office.

The Chief of Defence Forces reminded officers that the army’s strength is anchored on its strategic relationship based on the pro-people ideology, which he said should be sustained for peace, stability and economic development of the country. He noted that upholding the right ideology is key to a professional, efficient and accountable force.

In his handover remarks, Col Poly Ouma commended the UPDF leadership for the support, guidance and trust accorded to him during his term in office.

Brig Gen Daniel Kakono thanked the UPDF leadership for the opportunity accorded to him to do NDC – U course. He thanked the CDF in particular for his continuous guidance and support and pledged to perform to the expectation of the UPDF leadership.

The function was attended by Brig Gen Joseph Semwanga, Brig Gen Irumba Tingira, Brig Gen Kyambadde, Brigade commanders, commanding officers and heads of department. an accessible web community

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