Innovation In Progress: Gulu University Discovers Another Covid-19 Herbal Treatment Drug That Works Within 72 Hours

Innovation In Progress: Gulu University Discovers Another Covid-19 Herbal Treatment Drug That Works Within 72 Hours

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: As the country continues to grapple with increasing cases of Covid-19, Uganda’s top learning institutions have embarked on a race to develop remedies that help in the treatment and management of Covid-19.

The leading Universities in Research and Innovations have showcased their capacities in times of the pandemic to mitigate the ruthless virus with local herbs thus giving hope in Uganda’s fight against Coronavirus.

The latest discovery by Gulu University has given hope to Ugandans with another Covid-19 Herb that allegedly cures Covid-19 between 12- 72 hours.

The herbal named Covilyce is awaiting approval from the National Drug Authority but according to Gulu University, it has been administered to 100 patients and they have healed from the deadly virus.

According to Dr Alice Veronica Lamwaka, the principal of the Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Traditional Medicine Centre of Excellence at Gulu University, the University’s herbal COVID-19 treatment drug will be on the market very soon and they have an organized and professional way to handle the sale of this drug.

“We shall have a professional and organized way with the university handling the sale of the medicine,” she noted

However, Dr. Lamwaka noted that they are still manually pounding the herbs using mortar and pestle because they don’t have a grinder, and are manually packing the herbs because they don’t have a production line.

Dr. Lamwaka, also revealed that they formulated the four products basing on their knowledge of herbs used in treating infections especially during epidemics and the fact that they already have a unit for traditional medicines at the University.

Last month, the University said it has more than 70 potential Covid-19 herbs lined up for testing. The procedure was however interrupted by the current lockdown.

However, Dr. Lamwaka said these particular herbs were not tested but were subjected to phytochemical analysis on the herbs, to find out what active ingredients are present in them and what diseases they can cure.

Dr. Lamwaka claimed that the herbs can cure a user with signs and symptoms of covid-19 between 12-72 hours of getting treatment. Those with mild symptoms of covid-19, she said, are given the nasal drops in their mouth, ears, and nose and get well between 12-72 hours. (

Patients whose infections have gone to their chest use the linctus which goes down through the systemic circulation and hose with co-morbidities; covid-19, hypertension, asthma, ulcers, and diabetes, use the powder in combination with the Linctus and nasal drops and cut off viral infection within 12 hours.

Gulu University joins Mbarara University, the inventors of Covidex, a miracle herbal drug that is already approved by the National Drug Authority and on the market with the highest demand country-wide moreover with skyrocketing prices. an accessible web community

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