Irate UPDF Captain Shot Colleague Over ‘Yoyo’-Investigators

Irate UPDF Captain Shot Colleague Over ‘Yoyo’-Investigators an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Somalia: Shocking details emerging from investigators indicate that the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UDPF)  Captain who shot a junior officer early this week before committing suicide in Somalia, was fighting over sex.

Investigators into the scandal have established that Captain Edward Sebaggala, UPDF Officer who was serving under (African Mission for Somalia) AMISOM shot a soldier identified as Lance Corporal Jacklyn Nabifo, whom he accused of allegedly cheating on him with another officer.     A security source privy to information about the incident said Cpt. Sebaggala and Lance Corporal Nabifo had an intimate relationship in previous months. However, a week before the shooting, Sebaggala had accused her of cheating on him with an officer of his rank. Sebagala reportedly confronted Nabifo on Sunday evening and demanded answers about the rumour he had heard from friends. But he received a not-so-friendly response from Nabifo, which enraged him and he subsequently pulled the trigger, pumping three bullets into her abdomen and chest.

After the incident, Sebaggala, who thought he had killed Nabifo, turned the gun onto his head and blew his brains out. At the moment of the incident it is said  his fellow soldiers were reportedly close and he perhaps suspected that he was going to be shot or arrested.  Nabifo was later rushed to the African Union hospital in Somali, where she is undergoing medical attention.  However, the UPDF and Defence Ministry Spokesperson Brig Richard Karemire has remained unforthcoming on details of the incident. But sources say that Nabifo is on life support in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the African Union Mission Level Two hospital in the Somalia Capital-Mogadishu.    “Investigations have commenced, to establish the motive,” Brig Karemire told the press in a text but declined to divulge details of particulars, birthplaces, years of service in UPDF and probable cause of the incident.    This is the second shooting involving UPDF officers and men in Somalia, in a period of close to one month.  On May 11, a UPDF soldier reportedly went on a shooting spree after reportedly being annoyed by his supervisor. He killed his supervisor and in response, his contemporaries shot him dead. The scuffle is said to have left four UPDF soldiers dead. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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