Is Your Weekend Boring? Kabira Country Club Has For You Sip & Dip Booze Bonanza

Is Your Weekend Boring? Kabira Country Club Has For You Sip & Dip Booze Bonanza an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: During weekends, it’s always pomp and glamour at the award-winning boutique hotel, Kabira Country Club due to its sip and dip booze bonanza that leaves most businessmen and women refreshed and ready for a new busy week.

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Just like its name “Kabira” literary meaning “Little Forest”, the hotel is surrounded by tropical species of flora and birds that are heard throwing trumpet lyrics to clients who normally drink in a well-distanced manner in a bid to curb the transmission of the novel coronavirus.

Kabira Country Club’s Sip and Dip Should Be Your Weekend’s Partner

Kabira Country Club has a relaxing and comfortable natural environment that will really give you a thrilling moment while at the pub, a multi-cuisine restaurant or bar while being showered by the fresh air from the trees surrounding the hotel.

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The hotel also has a pub that overlooks the swimming pool and the courtyard extending from the restaurant, bar and coffee shop, giving a relaxing outdoor informal dining experience. It’s proximity to the playroom and the swimming pool makes it ideal for all to dine.

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The hotel’s restaurant has a variety of drinks call it multi-cuisine with continental, African and Indian drinks located in the ground floor where calmness is the deal of the day.

Never have a boring weekend again when Kabira Country Country Club’s Sip and Dip is there for you! an accessible web community

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