Just In: Lydia Wanyoto Looses Election Petition Against Connie Galiwango & EC

Just In: Lydia Wanyoto Looses Election Petition Against Connie Galiwango & EC

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By Spy Uganda

Former Deputy Special Representative of the Chairperson of African Union Commission, who competed in Uganda’s January 2021 parliamentary polls as Mbale City Woman MP and NRM flag bearer, Lydia Wanyoto has lost a petition against her rival, Ms Connie Nakayenze Galiwango.

The High Court in Mbale City presided over by Justice Andrew Byabashaijaon did not only dismiss Wanyoto’s election petition but also ordered her to cough costs for wasting rival’s time.

The Electoral Commission (EC) declared Ms Galiwango the winner after garnering 40,729 votes while Ms Wanyoto got 25,276 votes in the January 14 General Election.

However, Ms Wanyoto through her lawyers lodged the petition, alleging that the electoral process was marred by widespread voting fraud and bribery by her rival and agents.

During the cross-examination on September 1, Ms Wanyoto accused Ms Galiwango of overruling the electoral process.

Asked why she didn’t make official complaints to police about the malpractices, Ms Wanyoto said Ms Galiwango had overrun the police. Asked why she didn’t inform the EC, Ms Wanyoto said the latter was overwhelmed at the time.

“We could not get back any answer from the EC, especially after 5pm. They were overwhelmed,” she said.
However, Ms Galiwango denied the allegations, saying she called the police to be vigilant.

“I always called police to keep law and order, especially when I saw there was no order. I wanted to be vigilant because I faced it rough during the NRM primaries,” she said. Ms Galiwango also denied storming polling stations, saying she only took food to her agents.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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