Kabwohe Christians Reject New Reverend

Kabwohe Christians Reject New Reverend


Atwakiire Micheal Bitunga

It was free comedy and film at All Saints church Kabwohe on Friday 30th November 2018 when the Christians chased their own new Reverend Murangyira Able insisting that they don’t want him in their own built church.

All this started at the beginning of the week when Rt.Rev Bishop Twinomujuni transferred Rev Karuhanga Gordon Beekuririza from Kabwohe Church to Kashenyi Church of Uganda in Bushenyi district.

Rev Murangyira

According to the leader of protestants at All Saints Mr Byamugisha, he told the congregation that in Bishop’s letter to Karuhanga he was commanding him (Karuhanga) to never at one time enter in All Saints church Kabwohe and even his children and wife and that he (Karuhanga) should stop with immediate effect performing miracles like healing the sick,chasing demons and others as he has been doing.


Byamugisha said that when they asked Bishop why he was behaving that way,he told them that Karuhanga has done many developments in All Saints church and that he no longer takes a tithe to Bweranyangi but that he wastes all the money in beautifying the church plus other activities of the church.

“We tried to interview the leaders of the church but they refused saying that the Bishop would also punish them. However, we tried to talk to Byamugisha who is the head of protestants via mobile phone but he revealed that Bishop Twinomujuni ordered them never to talk to any journalist,” said our reporter on ground.

The angry Christians decided to stop taking tithe to Bweranyangi and to meet Bishop Twinomujuni to explain to them why he punished their Reverend and some condemned the act.

It is alleged that Karuhanga has been in All Saints church Kabwohe for ten years, a crowd of people from many various districts have been going to All Saints to obtain blessings since he has been known as a prophet.

It is alleged that many Christians especially protestants from around Sheema district and nearby districts escaped from their area churches and joined All Saints church Kabwohe because of Karuhanga.

Karuhanga wasn’t also allowed to bid farewell to his Christians he has served for years, something that left the crowd crying.

protestants moving away from the church in protest.
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